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Monday, 19 October 2009

Where the last week went to I'm not sure but I do know that it seemed very hectic.
Last Monday the potter Mark Griffiths delivered his work for the exhibition that was to open on the following Sunday. It made a real treat to have exhibits delivered early, and I knew that this was going to give me plenty of time to arrange the gallery, do a price list and generally get done all of the small jobs that seem to mount up before an exhibition.
We usually try to clear the gallery before a show so that there is no distraction from the new work, this is something that is always a nightmare as it involves wrapping, boxing and storing all
of the 'normal' work, something that seems to take longer each time.
Having Mark's work here early meant that as I packed things away I could unwrap and display his pots as I went along, so in theory the gallery would look normal to any person calling in.
Well, that was the way it was meant to work.
In reality it turned into the normal chaos with boxes and wrappings littered everywhere and the place looked anything but normal.
Funnily enough more people tend to come inside when it is like this, much to my embarrassment.
At least when Mark arrived on Saturday afternoon everything was ready and we were able to
go out for a drink and talk "pots". 

At the opening Mark had agreed to demonstrate how he throws his pots, so in centre position within the shop we had a 'potters wheel' and piles of clay and Mark complete in his 'potting' overalls.
It's hard to understand and to explain the fascination of watching a potter 'throw', but fascinate it does and we soon had a small crowd including some well known potters surrounding Mark,
who spent as much time answering questions [from people writing notes] as he did throwing.
With the exhibition and demonstration under way I was able to start relaxing for the first time  and I took my first opportunity to have a good look at his pots and was able to appreciate them without any of the setting up concerns on my mind.
I loved what I looked at.
It was a good day, a good show and with some very good pots.

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  1. I love Mark's pots, and the man is special too, both of them gentle.