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Imagine is set in the Suffolk village of Long Melford.
This is an attempt to record the daily trials, tribulation and pleasure of running an art gallery.

Wednesday 5 November 2014

It might be hard to understand how this collection of images relate to each other.
But, they do

The odd one out is the picture at the top which is of a young woman who models for me occasionally.
We are good friends but we only meet up about twice a year.
That is usually when she calls into the gallery with her partner to catch up on old times.
Of course we talk about things we have done together and what we might do
"one day"
As always it is just fun to talk and to get excited about different projects.
'Sarah Day'
Is her name. Look her up, she is very talented artist.
But to me she will always just be "Sarah" my first and most long suffering model.
I have written of our adventures in the past, and I am sure there will be many in the future.

On A recent visit, just about a week ago
She commented on the sculptures that we have by Sandra Courlivant.
"these really remind me of something I have seen on TV
Apparently there is a young Mongolian girl who hunts with Eagles".

"Really", I replied.
Could you let me know who or what you have seen"?

The next morning I was sent a "link" that has changed my life in just a few short days.

It was an introduction to the world and the photography of an incredible man named 
Asher Svidensky.

He is a genius [which he denies]
And yet I must be the last person on the planet to know of him.

He is such an incredible photographer, a person who looks through the lens and views a painting.
Within seconds of looking at his incredible art I had an exhibition in my thoughts.
Sandra Courlivant & Asher Svidensky.
There joint art is focused on the children of Mongolia.

"I must show a joint exhibition".
A wonderful image but could I bring it to reality?

   I started with Sandra, because having exhibited with us she understands that I am mad and that I live on dreams.

"Would she consider exhibiting with and creating sculptures based on the photography of Asher's
Mongolian children hunting with Eagles"?

To my delight she replied that "of course I will. I am so inspired".
It made sense to me, but then I am just a dreamer not a creator, I just dream of others creations
[that might be].
It is a dream fulfilled when an artist shares my visions of their ability.


So, next call was of course to Asher .
When that time came I had started to learn just how famous he is.
He has been featured on television programmes worldwide, and his photography has become "viral".
I am not certain what that means but I am pretty sure it is good.

So, I reminded myself that the biggest artists that we have dealt with have always been the nicest and yet the most humble.
So, what was there to lose
[just a dream]

So I sent him a "heart" inspired email at 6.30pm, then crossed my fingers.
Maybe, just maybe, he might respond.

At 7.30pm the telephone rang.

"oh no"! it's another late day sales call asking did I want to subscribe to.............?

I picked up the telephone with the words "Get Lost" in my thoughts.
Instead I heard a voice saying.
"Hello this is Asher Svidensky calling about your exhibition"

Being the king of cool I replied

"Bloody hell..................! you are the last person I expected to be calling".


Of course, frequent readers will appreciate that I have not yet [after 10 years] mastered the art of being calm and controlled with artists that I admire.
But, the good thing is Asher was not used to dealing with gallery owners who are fans.

So the result?

Not only will we be holding the first UK exhibition of Ashers Photograph's
But also the first "World Wide"joint exhibition
[I am sure there will be many]
Sandra Courlivant & Asher Svidensky

It would have happened one day I am sure, but I am so proud and excited that it will happen here.
On occasions I feel very happy.
This is one.

Just how lucky can I be?