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Tuesday 6 October 2009

The last few days have been busy, so today it is hard to know what to talk about because as usual it is at the end of the day that my thoughts have turned to the journal and there is not enough time to mention everything that I have seen, or where I have been to and things that I have thought about , so I decided that  I would tell you about the one idea that has occupied most of my thoughts today. The reason for this is because I have been talking to one artist and answering questions about another all day, so here is where my muddled mind is tonight,
I intend to go very soon to visit the amazing illustrator and author Jackie Morris who lives in a remote corner of Pembrokeshire. Jackie is a very successful artist and also an incredibly intelligent and very caring woman, if anyone has followed her journal over the last few years they will understand what a very clever, complex and articulate person she is, her daily writing on her 'blog' I can only compare with Dylan Thomas, and I don't say this lightly.
I am constantly in awe of her and relish the insight that she gives us all into her daily world.
Over the past couple of years Jackie has been very kind to us, as a gallery, she has given us lots of amazing work to display which has been a thrill and pleasure, but on top of that she has never put us under pressure to "sell" or blamed us when we haven't, which believe me is a very rare thing. More than anything we want to sell an artist's work and Jackie understands that and helps us along the way.
I have long wanted to have an exhibition of her work but have never managed to gather the courage to ask her, so to my delight a few weeks ago she asked " how about an exhibition next year"?
What a delight and privilege.
This I am determined to do but only one thing has troubled me, we are very much a 3D gallery
and our main display areas are devoted  to sculpture and ceramics so I know that people who made the effort to come to an exhibition would expect something else as well as paintings.
What to do?
Most of today was spent talking and answering questions about a ceramic sculptor 'Karen Fawcett', who is a very good friend and like Jackie has supported and believed in the gallery for a long while. They are both part of our extended family and their help is appreciated, having artists who take it upon themselves to help you out when they know you most need it, sending us there best work when it could and would be taken by any gallery  is never taken for granted.
So, I'm going to show Jackie and I need someone who makes three dimensional work to show alongside and compliment it.
I must have lost the plot somewhere, I have just compared their different works.
Blimey! It's the same but in different mediums.
I just hope that Karen who is due to have a baby very soon thinks the same and will agree to an
exhibition as I think that they will work well together, they are so very much alike without knowing it or each other, and the combination of their work I'm sure will look
really good.


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  1. Pembrokeshire is a very beautiful area. My parents live near Carmarthen and when we were there in August we drove on down to St.David's. It's quite a majical place.