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Imagine is set in the Suffolk village of Long Melford.
This is an attempt to record the daily trials, tribulation and pleasure of running an art gallery.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Here is the proof that I am feeling under pressure, I have delegated!

I suppose I am what is described as a "control freak" [I hate that expression]
What I mean is that I am convinced that the only way anything should be done is "my way"
I trust only my own abilities to get the results that I desire.

Of course that doesn't include things like fixing the car, plumbing, decorating, grass cutting, ironing,
etc,etc,etc, the list is endless.
But with 'arty farty' stuff and anything to do with the gallery I only trust myself
and that is why I have been struggling recently
as there is a multitude of things to be completed in a short space of time.

One of the tasks that I wasn't looking forward to was designing the invitation for the coming exhibition.
This was not because I don't enjoy doing them, I do
But I just have a tendency to dither and try out different designs and images,
The result is I usually end up doing about four different versions which take just as many days.
I explained to Irene that "I just have so much to do in too little time".

She asked why I didn't ask for help?
"We will all help you, all you have to do is ask".
I told her that my next job
[making it sound like I was painting the Sistine Chapel ceiling]
was to design the invitation "and that's going to take for ever".

She took control.

"Right, I will ask Sam to do that, he will have it done in 10 minutes, while you get on with other things
[I think you can all appreciate just how bullied I am].

A miracle happened.
I let go.

It didn't hurt [except my ego] and the result was it was at the printers that same day.
Plus, I really like it.
It is different to what I would have finished up sending
But I think it has benefited having a fresh and different [dare I say younger] approach.

Of course, when things are back to normal [whatever that is] I will be back in control
After all if I wasn't in charge of everything
What else would I have to do?
Then before you know it they would have me doing "real" jobs
Like washing my own clothes.

Must go now, I've got so much to do.
Worry, worry, worry.
As Carly Simon sang to me "nobody does it better".

Thank you Sam.


  1. I hate the term Control Freak as well, it is only recently that I have come to terms with the fact that's what I am when it comes to my Pottery.

    1. Hi Paul

      I see that those hands of yours have been creating some nice pots recently, do you ever take a day off?

      About being a 'Control Freak', I think what it is all about is that you, like me appreciate that we are only going to get one shot at fulfilling our dream, and that is what it is.
      Your dream, your vision.
      Of course we know that many people want and will help, but, they can't live your vision for you.
      I think it is best to have no regrets if things ever went "pear shaped".
      That way you know that you gave it 'your' best shot.
      I don't know about you but I don't want to control anyone, just my own emotions.

      All the Best to you and your lovely "wife".