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Imagine is set in the Suffolk village of Long Melford.
This is an attempt to record the daily trials, tribulation and pleasure of running an art gallery.

Tuesday 21 October 2014

Happy but Sad

It is hard to come to terms with the fact that our latest exhibition has actually opened, at last.
I have wanted this exhibition to happen for a long while
I have planned and worried about it for a long time but now it is finally happening.

The two artists involved are very important to me as I admire their art so much.
Anne Bachelier the artist and Rachel Anne Stevenson the sculptor.
I am a very great fan of both artists, so I was very nervous about this event.
You could say that I was a little "star struck".

Unfortunately, although she had intended to Rachel was unable to attend the opening
Something that she was upset about as the two artists had collaborated on one piece
And she had wanted very much to meet her fellow artist.

Anne, however did make the journey from the French Alps, not only to attend but also to assist
in any way she could prior to the opening.
Of course this only added to myself induced stress levels,
It is difficult to be a fan yet remain "cool" when meeting a great artist you are in awe of.
I need not have worried.

Anne Bachelier, has been without a doubt the most normal [for a famous artist] person who has ever
exhibited in our gallery.
From start to finish the whole exhibition was nothing but a great pleasure.

It was also the most successful exhibition that we have held.
On so many different levels.
But mainly because it was an enormous amount of fun, it seemed that everyone enjoyed the event
The months of preparation and planning were well spent
If we were to close tomorrow, the whole purpose of our being has been completed.
The artists were working in collaboration with us, not for us, and the experience has been wonderful.

Of Anne, I cannot say enough good things.
The paintings that have moved me for so long were created by an extraordinary, yet very modest artist.
Her thoughts were always of us the gallery, not her the artist.
As a result the event was relaxed and very enjoyable, I can't even remember being stressed,
So that shows there is a first time for everything.

Anne was here for just four days, but four days that have meant so much.
I can not thank her enough for her great participation and the pleasure her and her art have given us
[and many, many others].
The exhibition may have been long in the planning but the opening was a delight for her many admirers.

Although a great deal sold at the opening there are still many beautiful artworks for sale.
The reason for this is because Anne is a very prolific artist
She even travelled with her paints, she creates because she must.
It is in her soul.

The visit by her and her husband Claude will never be forgotten,
it was a very unique occasion.

So, it was with great sadness last night that we said our final farewell to them both.

Just for a while.
I hope and think that our paths will cross many times in the future.

Before her departing she made a dedication [and a painting] inside one of her books for Irene and I.
It was very moving.
I will scan and show it in another post.

Meanwhile, I will start planning our next collaboration.

I am sure that Anne, Rachel and ourselves are meant to work together in the future.
I hope so.
Thanks to them both for such a memorable event.
Plus, a very big thank you to Claude, for braving the English roads in darkness to bring Anne here.

Of course the images are of Anne and her husband Claude.
A few of her sold artworks,
Plus the artist at work in her studio.


  1. You have truly found and understand Anne's essence! Working with her and having her as my friend for over 20 years have been highlights of my life! Congratulations on your exhibition! Sincerely, Neil

    1. Thank you Neil.
      You were the subject of many conversations, and of course all of them good.

      Best Wishes

  2. Replies
    1. It is, Valerianna.
      I had a feeling that it might appeal to you, in fact I think I remember telling Anne about you, the "woman who lives in a forest and actually gets to see bears".

      All the Best

  3. wordless wonder! (well almost)