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Imagine is set in the Suffolk village of Long Melford.
This is an attempt to record the daily trials, tribulation and pleasure of running an art gallery.

Thursday, 31 May 2012

I think that I may have mentioned before that I am easily distracted.
So although it had been my intention to show some RELIQUARY pieces that have been arriving,
I got distracted.
For some time now I have been intending to put some beautiful pictures on the blog of different
artworks that have been "tucked away" for our opening, but with so much happening in a short space
of time this has never come about, until today.

I have mentioned the amazing paintings that we have received from the French artist Anne Bachelier.
Well to my great delight she has created another 'Reliquary' painting for the opening,
at the moment it still lives in France but tomorrow it will be on its way to us.
This was enough to have me excited, but my good fortune doesn't stop there.
I have been corresponding with another French artist,
Christine Aurel-Petit.
She has sent me a book of her paintings that I love and which are very different to anything we have shown before. Today she has said that she will try to have two paintings here in time for our opening.
To say that I am excited about what will be on show would be something of an understatement.
I can't wait.

Unfortunately I do have a tendency to think that everything on show is mine, and it is with mixed emotions that I understand that it isn't when pieces find new homes.
But, for a moment in time everything is mine.
So I will look forward to receiving "my" new paintings.

The gallery opening is going to be a little unusual for us, as normally it is an "exhibition" that we invite people to but this time the invitation is almost for two events.
The RELIQUARY exhibition plus the opening of our new space.
Because at last we do have "space" this means that everything will be different.
So even though the exhibition will be under way it will also give people, who usually only attend exhibitions a chance to see the varied art that we show on a daily basis.
This is the reason that I am showing the art above.
Only the painting by Anne is specific for the exhibition, the others are things that I have held back
plus of course the new paintings by Christine.

Two of the above are by another female artist.
Jane Lewis.
Someone who creates the most magnificently disturbing pictures that I have come across,
for me it is immense personal pleasure that at last a few pieces by her are upon our walls.

The last picture is equally unusual.
'The Angels of Salthouse' by Alan Page.
Salthouse is a location in the county of Norfolk, and the church exists as in the painting.
The meaning of the host of Angels surrounding the church I don't understand.
But it is said, that the graveyard is very large and extends towards the sea which means that there is space for many lost souls within it.
Who knows? I don't care I just love it.
It is beautiful, very simple yet it is easy to get lost for a long time staring at it, and becoming part of it.

So Above are:

Anne Bachelier
Christine Aurel-Petit
Jane Lewis
Alan Page


  1. Oh! my! all of them but yes there is something so very hauntingly familiar... like the memory of a dream that might have been or is almost there ... about those Angels of Salthouse

  2. Each one of the paintings you have shown drew me in wondering about the people and places shown, looking forward to the upcoming show in your new space. How nice you feel all the art is yours till they find new homes, must be a very satisfying feeling.

  3. Yes, hauntingly beautiful. How do you find your art pieces. Maybe they come to find you and your gallery. Amazing and mysterious talents you and these artists have. I'll have to visit soon.