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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

I really did intend to spend a little more time writing my blog but I hadn't expected to write again so soon after my last post, after all "once a week" would be lots by my standards.
But, different art and pictures of promised pieces keep arriving and I want to share some of the excitement that I am feeling, so here is something new.

As I explained even though we are now open work on completing the building still continues.
I had anticipated having a "grand opening" almost immediately but fortunately Irene is a little more realistic and she tries to temper my enthusiasm with an occasional reality check.
This has been one such occasion.
She persuaded me that my ambition of having an opening within a week was just
"a little bit" unrealistic.
"You know what you are like, you will never be happy. It will be a case of, that's not right,
let's re-do that, I want to think that through, lets move that, rebuild this.....etc, etc".
It's horrible when someone knows you too well.

So it was decided to put back the opening to a date when we felt that we should be 'really' finished
and happy with everything.
That date will be June 10

I have had planned for sometime an exhibition with the title
I have searched and have found many descriptions for this word, for me the one most apt is :
"a container for relics".
But I also like to think of them as just being a precious container, preferably with something
mysterious, ancient or magic within.
But then a vase could also be found with the same description.
Whatever way you think or choose to describe a Reliquary, that is going to be
our first exhibition in the new gallery.
In fact we decided to make it the "grand opening".
Of course we will have many unrelated works of art on display at the same time
but it seemed the ideal timing for the exhibition.

There will be several artists working in different mediums contributing their very own interpretation
on the subject, all of them different and exciting.
Today I started to receive photographs from different people involved and although I hadn't
intended to show anything yet I just couldn't resist sharing this unusual contribution.

It has been created by a partnership, Jan & Jon Mayle.
Some people may remember the very unique and unusual nursery rhyme clock
that Jon created for us a while ago. Well this is equally as unusual.
A silver spoon inside a box.
OK, so that is not so unusual but it is when you know of the origins.
The silver spoon was created by Jon, it is totally unique but not entirely original.
The original version of this spoon was buried underground,
not just underground but underground and inside a ship.
The famous 'Sutton Hoo' burial ship.
Once thought to be a Viking burial ship but more recently believed to be the resting place of the
Anglo Saxon King, Raedwald.
Along with his ship there was a fantastic hoard of treasure, included amongst the relics was a
silver spoon. 
Inscribed on the spoon was the name PAULOS.

Using original archaeologist drawings and exact measurements, Jon created an exact replica.
By itself a little piece of history and highly collectable.
Added to this Jan [a ceramic sculptor] created a Reliquary to hold the piece.
Complete with a silk bag decorated with Celtic designs.
For me there combined talents have not only created something beautiful, but also a work
that describes my interpretation of the exhibition title.

I will show other pictures of contributed work, but this is a start.
Not a bad one.

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  1. how fabulous, what a team Jan & Jon are as are you and your wife, good on her for getting you to hold back a bit with the timing for the opening to get everything right and look forward to seeing lots of details of this upcoming show of mysterious containment.