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Imagine is set in the Suffolk village of Long Melford.
This is an attempt to record the daily trials, tribulation and pleasure of running an art gallery.

Monday 11 October 2010

Just in case any one has wondered "where's he gone" this is the result of my last weeks work.
Although Irene has long given up on me ever getting around to starting any decoration at home
she decided to get enlist me as the builder decorator at her new place 'Imagine Lavenham'.
Although I was annoyed as I felt I didn't have the time to spare it turned into a week that I enjoyed, it was a total distraction to the normal day.
Although there is a telephone, there wasn't a person who knew of the number [except my boss]
and there was no computer or Internet to be distracted or absorbed by.
It was a strange week, I really enjoyed doing something different and found much to my amazement even though I was busy until late at night my mind seemed to have more time than ever to "drift and wander" and as a result I think that I have resolved many things that have been troubling me for some time.
But I did miss being here at the gallery, on my brief visits back here I was really surprised how much I liked it and how nice everything looked.
On a daily basis it his hard to be objective, you can only see what troubles you.

Anyway, the new place is far from finished and at the moment there are many artworks that have just been put in place and that are borrowed from Imagine, but they had to go there just to get a sense of perspective and scale of what would work and what wouldn't.
It is a very small building downstairs but the total space would make a good gallery, but Irene is reserving the top floor for something else.
I don't like to be a tease but I will show pictures of this at the end of the week once work has progressed and it looks more presentable.
I must admit I finished work there last night with a little regret, it was starting to feel a little like home to me, still that will soon change as my wife is determined to put her "stamp" on this project and not mine.

The pictures I am showing were taken on Friday evening when there was still [and there still is]
much to do. There is still much decoration to be done, cupboards and displays to be built, pictures have to be hung and new exhibits put on display etc, etc.
In fact even a sign to be hung.
It will all happen in time.
For the moment it just feels nice to me just to be back to the "day job".


  1. OOOooo- Its beautiful - as a gallery, but also as a home, I'm ready to move in with the beams, brick, old hearth and surrounded by all the wildlife, as long as the landlord allows cats, that is.... ! Good luck with finishing it, and I look forward to finding out what the upstairs will be.
    Autumnal blessings from the very colorful New England.

  2. Looks like you've created a wonderful space to display John.
    Everything is definately going to be shown off to good advantage there. Hope to make it up one day.

  3. That fireplace! Lovely space. Now, instead of just envying you, I can envy your wife, too, for getting to be around all those beautiful pieces -- especially the owls. How lucky you were to get such a fabulous space. Very intimate feel to it.

  4. Hopefully your wife will be writing a blog on her gallery in the near future. The galley is looking good.

    I often toyed with the idea of getting rid of the internet as I seem to get more and more addicted to it by the day. It really saps the creative juices, well what little I have. Realistically though, it become too much of my life, from working (I work from home, moderating reviews for such disparate places as Marks & Spencers, Homebase, ATT and Expedia, to name a few)to managing my bank balance.

    Once the youngest has left college next year, maybe I can get that studio away from the house, I have always hanker after, with only the radio as company.

  5. I must admit I do love the building and did find myself especially in the evenings thinking " I wouldn't mind living here", especially as there is a restaurant two doors away [I'm sure they would do a deal for a neighbour] but I had better not mention that at home as Irene would see it as the answer to her prayers.
    I should have been there today finishing things but I had lots of catching up to do here, Irene has spent the day trying to get the internet connected but with no luck, it seems that as it is a business everything has to be more involved [and a load more expensive].

    If you look closely you can see the beautiful box 'Reliquary' that Margaret Brampton sent for the opening [although that hasn't officially happened yet], it is pieces like hers and the 'flying Owl' by Simon Griffiths that help to bring it to life.
    Mind you, it has changed since those pictures were taken.

    As for my wife writing a blog Jacqui? I think there is more chance of hell freezing over first, but you never know.