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This is an attempt to record the daily trials, tribulation and pleasure of running an art gallery.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

I don't think that I have ever done this before.
Writing a post immediately after an exhibition opening, in fact while it is still open.
I always intend and always forget to take photographs at the event, today was no exception,
it was only as the visitors started to dwindle that I gave thought " blimey, I have no pictures as usual", so it was only as people started to leave that I pulled out my camera.
Alas, too late as usual but I did manage to get one picture of Louise Richardson before she left for celebratory drinks with her family at a nearby pub.
I would have loved to gone with them but as there were still people coming through the door it seemed a little too premature, even for me.
Also, there was still wine here and after all someone has to drink it.
I put myself forward for the job, it had to be done.

The snaps I did manage to take were very poor and are a poor representation of the exhibition,
Louise and her work.
Still anything is better than nothing.

Besides, I am away for a couple of days now collecting work in Yorkshire, Cumbria and
Newcastle, so the chances of me writing anything for a few days are very slim.
However, I do hope to come back refreshed from a stay at the 'Green Dragon' in North Yorkshire with lots of pictures and tales to tell.
Until then here is just a little glimpse of today's exhibition opening.

'New Work by Louise Richardson'

The work on show more than made up for the poor title.

Above is a piece named 'Tattling' which was the first to sell, which is always the way when there is something that you wanted for yourself.
Then of course is Louise with her [shedded snakeskin] dress 'Charm' in the background.
Lastly is the most unusual piece we have ever shown.
'Telling Tales'
A dress made from nails, now that's not something you see on the street very often.


  1. Safe journey! (And come home loaded down with great stuff).

  2. Just you wait WOL.
    I have just collected the most fantastic set of Owls, I can't wait to show you.