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Thursday, 21 October 2010

It has been along time since I last posted.
I never anticipated or intended to let such long gaps happen, but I think that in a way my heart went out of it a little bit.
I always get so excited about, and admire so much the work of different artists that we have here that I suppose I forget that they are "just people".
People with their own "hang ups" and different problems, and not special beings at all [although some are].
So after having been treated as an idiot recently by one particular artist it did make me question
"why do I bother telling the world about them"?

Especially, as I know that a buyer from a public funded gallery is following this blog and is approaching the different artist's mentioned one by one with an open cheque book in hand.

So it was with great disappointment I realised that one individual mistook my openness and enthusiasm for stupidity.
Maybe he is right, after all he has my money and I have the "different to promised", disappointing pieces of his work, followed by an excuse "you have to understand these are handmade".
I do understand. But, if I had asked Leonardo for the "Mona Lisa" and he sent me
"The Last Supper"
I would ask why [mind you I would still have been happy]? No doubt he would have told me "you have to understand these are hand painted".

Oh Yeah! That's why I got something totally different.

So why did I pay?
Because I said I would, and at least one of us kept their promise.

This little experience left me feeling disillusioned.
I mention it only because of the hurt I felt, and this is the reason that I haven't written.

Since then so many good things have happened and I have been involved with so many nice artists that I shouldn't give it another thought, but it just illustrates to me that one negative
event overtakes so many positive one's.

Nice people, nice events?
Well now I know I haven't enough time to write about them, but I will as I become increasingly excited about them.
But, I must mention that I discovered a new [to me] sculptor last night, named Olivia Ferriere.
I spoke with her today and she has promised work in a couple of weeks.
I will show her work when it arrives. I am tempted to now but I will put it off, it will give me something to look forward to.
I have also just today had an arrival of some beautiful, sublime ceramics.
Showing those will also be a pleasure in a day or so, or as soon as I get the camera on them.
Anja Lubach is the potters name and the work is almost as romantic as the name.
Maybe tomorrow, lets see.

Most importantly Louise Richardson the artist/sculptor arrived with her different art which is for her exhibition opening here this weekend.
I shouldn't be surprised, but I still am, by the variety and complexity of what she produces,
everything is really from the imagination, and is so magical and different it is an absolute delight to look at.
Today, after hanging one of her works I thought "that's not bad".
Then caught myself and thought "no, that's bloody incredible, how have I got it here"?Her work REALLY is different to anything that you have seen before, and what is more amazing is that it is created by a woman who is bringing up a young family.
What is so lovely is that the family comes first and they are the most important thing in her life.
How lovely it is to speak to such a talented person while in the background there are dogs barking and children calling out for attention.
I am in awe to think just how "big" she will become when eventually her time is all her own,
having said that, she has a tremendous following already.
I do hope next year to have her and her equally talented husband Andy involved in our
'Rime of the Ancient Mariner' exhibition.
Still I had better concentrate on this exhibition first otherwise they will both disappear to one of the other queuing galleries.
Still, for this weekend Louise Richardson is all mine.
Well, and yours if you care to come.

She arrived yesterday with her work, I should have helped carry it inside as it was all large, but as she placed down each piece in front of me I became so immersed that it was only when the next was put in front of me that I came out of my trance, only to go into another.
Her work is really just so different and breathtaking that I would love to own a piece but I doubt that day will happen soon, so until then I will have to make do with the great pleasure of showing it.
I know [it is happening] that she is going on to great things and will be shown in many varied and highly prestigious venues [and publications] so this may be the last chance to purchase at
affordable [not cheap, but affordable] prices.
The phrase "antiques of the future" is so bandied about that you become immune to it,
but just watch where this girl goes to.

So obviously above are a few of her works, the other odd picture is one of mine.
While I was going through my period of disillusionment I thought about where I could be and what I could be doing instead, my thoughts turned to Ireland, so I went looking through some pictures taken this time last year, and I wished for a while I was back there.
But now I'm back here, and happy to be so.


  1. Welcome back, John. I was away for much of the past couple of weeks and wondered where you might have gone. Don't let the bastards get you down. I've seen Anja Lubach's work and it's terrific. Eager to see what you get in your gallery.

  2. The important thing here is that you didn't waver from your own beliefs when confronted by this unfortunate incident. You did what was right by your own 'code' and that is a reason to celebrate, not mourn. Besides, no one posts such beautiful work on their blog as you do. Keep it coming!

  3. So sad that others follow and use what you put up for their own gain, I love watching what you get and although on the other side of the world, and broke! I do hope you still keep on with it and that there are artists out there who produce such lovely work for you.

  4. Thank you all for your encouragement, it is just what I need at the moment.
    Well that and a good pint of cider.

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  6. My eye was immediately drawn to the hanging "scroll" and I was pouring over it in an enlarged version of the photo when I realized - it's not a scroll, it's a piano roll for an old player piano! And wham! The work suddenly acquired yet another dimension.

    I'm sorry the world gave you a swat. Sooner or later, you are going to come across a rotten apple. Unfortunately, a fact of life. But take heart in the knowledge that you are allowing others to experience that "rush," that "gladdening of the heart" that beautiful artwork gives to the beholder. I, for one, so appreciate your sharing it with us.

    As for those unscrupulous sorts you mention, They'll get their comeuppance sooner or later. What goes around, comes around.

  7. I love your blog! I love the art you show, and thank you for sharing it in this blog for people who appreciate but cannot afford to buy it. When I see a new post, I look forward to viewing your latest pieces, as they are so different and interesting!

  8. Interesting words and stunning work. I agree with what goes around, comes around, shame it has to be so. I have just found your blog (through Mothtails tumblr) and have found it very enjoyable. The nights might be long, but you are making people happy, so keep going!