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Imagine is set in the Suffolk village of Long Melford.
This is an attempt to record the daily trials, tribulation and pleasure of running an art gallery.

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Time flies when your having fun, or especially when you are always thinking about the future.
Or as described better by John Lennon
"Life is what happens while your busy making other plans".

That is what I have been guilty of, "making other plans" or thinking of the future,
Meanwhile important events have been happening while I have been planning ahead.

I can only explain it by describing how on a daily basis I will have someone tell me
"You have such beautiful things on display",
My thoughts will be "just wait until you see what is coming".
I think this each and every day, but for me tomorrow never comes
I'm definitely a person who has a cup half full, and when things sell I start to panic about where I can find something equally as beautiful to replace "that" piece with.
So I start to search.
Then I want to tell you about who I have just discovered.
I want to tell you about "this"or"that" artist whose work will be here one day, then I tend to get over excited and undecided about what to mention first, so don't write anything at all.


This does tend to make life much easier for a lazy person like myself.

"Hhmmmm! What shall I write about"?
'Nothing', job done.
 So today, I decided to take a step back to reality and talk about art that actually is here
Art that I am excited about and which I am very proud to be exhibiting.

The last time I picked up my pen I mentioned an artist whose work I was looking forward to arriving.
It's now here.
 The paintings of Jimmy Lawlor.

Jimmy is an artist I have admired for a very long time, his beautiful paintings are the
"stuff that dreams are made of".
In fact they seem to come from dreams or very poignant stories.

Perhaps, 'poignant' isn't the correct description
Because apart from being very moving they sometimes also possess a great deal of humor.
They are beautiful in there execution and also great fun, they occupy a space in our imagination
Yet, they are also very "human" paintings, they show images of us as we were, as we are
And how we will be.
Age is very prevalent in all of his art.


So too are the landscapes.
To me it is obvious where these people of different ages all live.
Albeit a different version to the reality of the location, yet still instantly recognizable. 

As is shown in the painting above they also express a great gentleness and sensitivity.

The painting below is perhaps one of my favorites.
It really captures the world of my childhood.
It reminds be of the wonderful book 'Bevis a Story of a Boy', by Richard Jeffries
Although it was written in 1882 the story of a young boy and his adventures is timeless.
So is this painting.
A boy, with his best friend and his vivid imagination, what an exciting world.
I truly love this, it makes me feel young again.
I suppose that is the power of art, your age may change but your inner emotions don't and at times
All it needs is a painting or sculpture to unlock time and join the two together.

A clever, talented and very nice man.
I have wanted to exhibit his art for six years, some things are worth waiting for.

Now, onto something just slightly different. 

I was recommended by a painter [that's how it works] to look at the sculptures by a Russian artist.
'Tatiana' or Tanya as it is pronounced in our little island
Despite my many bilingual talents I am still unable to get my tongue around her proper name,
[Give me a week or two then speaking Russian will be another of my many talents].

Tanya creates sculptures from clay and found objects, each piece very unusual
but all with a sense of great age and history.
Of course her small antique additions help create the feeling of great age
But it is the story of each piece which creates the history, some of her sculptures will have more than one title,
It seems that she has named pieces to help with the English interpretation and understanding of each sculpture.

She has exhibited and worked in many different countries, but now for some reason she works
in our small part of this country.
Her work defies being placed into any category but it does really engage the imagination.
When I have fully caught up with my very belated posts I will tell and show much more of her work.

Meanwhile, I have lots more to tell you about.
But as they say
"That's for Another day."


  1. so uplifting these works are, and a reminder about time passing by, just what I needed this morning.

    1. Good to hear from you Linda.
      I confess it is memories and the passing of time is in my thoughts a lot recently.
      Most of these emotions have been instigated by Jimmy's paintings.
      There are others that he has painted that take me "way" back in time, I almost expect to see my Mum pushing me in a "pram" in a painting.
      Unfortunately we can't halt the passing of time, but sometimes it's good just to reflect and remember.

  2. Einstein was wrong. Time has sped up and is flying by. Love the paintings and sculpture. Sure would like to visit your gallery.

    1. You are definitely correct there Donna, time seems to be passing too fast.
      Perhaps it is thoughts of what we want to achieve before it has gone that seem to make it pass so quick.
      How can we fit everything into one lifetime? We need at least three, one to learn and appreciate, one to achieve then another to reflect and enjoy.
      Then perhaps another because the world is so beautiful [at the moment].

      If only it was possible to transport you here for an hour, that would be a lovely thing.

  3. Oh Hooray a post from Imagine Gallery, the best gallery in the whole world!

    1. Hi Mo

      Your still out there!

      I honestly didn't expect any body to read my ramblings after such a long holiday.
      I should have known better.

      How are things with you?
      I would love some news.

      Best Wishes

    2. currently slow stitching an electric blue moon and drawing Honesty towards an exhibition next year around the idea of Braille for the Soul, lots of details of works in progress at It's Crow Time