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Thursday, 25 May 2017

Rock 'N' Roll

This will perhaps be the smallest post that I have done.
To be honest none of them have been overlong, but at least they have had more images.

Thinking ahead for our next exhibition which isn't until September, there is perhaps something that I should mention. We are having our first ever 'pre-sale' of artwork.

The coming exhibition is from the George Underwood collection of "Musician portraits'.

I think that by now the world knows of his lifelong friendship with David Bowie.
What many people do not know that George himself was also a musician, in fact many years ago when they were young men he and Bowie had their own band.
Their school days together almost read as a 'rock 'n' roll' fairy tale.
Their art teacher [George's mentor] was Owen Frampton, father of Peter Frampton who went on to become one of the most successful English guitarists of all time.
What a melting pot of talent that school must have been.

George did pursue a musical career of his own joining many bands and eventually pursuing a solo career as a recording artist, but throughout his young life it seems that art was his first love
that he constantly returned to.

I will tell no more of his extraordinary tale, George tells it so much better in his own book.
Soulful Warriors

It just remains to say that throughout his career music was a strong influence both on him and his art.

So it is strange to learn that many people have little knowledge of his musical artwork.
I think it would be safe to say that at some time many music lovers have admired of purchased an album featuring his artwork without knowledge of who the artist was.
Of course the album 'Hunky Dory' by his friend David Bowie changed all of this.
The rest [or some of it] is history, as they say.
So our exhibition will show a history of his musical hero's, influences and his friends.


One of those friends was the founder of the band T REX
Marc Bolan

Bolan and Bowie were friends, as a result David introduced George his old mate to Marc
Who had a new album coming out titled
'My People Were Fair and had Sky in Their Hair.............'
As a result George painted the cover, and in his own words "never looked back".
This was at the age of 21.

Now, just a few years [decades] later it is logical that George would re-visit these relationships
for his exhibition here at our gallery.
So in conversation with me it was decided that he would produce two new paintings of
David Bowie and Marc Bolan.

The painting of Marc is really appropriate as the exhibition is to open on the 40th anniversary
of his untimely death.
In honor of this the famous tribute band T. REXTASY will attend the opening of the exhibition
to play an acoustic set of some of his most famous songs.

Of course many original paintings by George will be available for sale,
Accompanied by a large selection of of limited edition 'fine art' prints of paintings previously sold.

As a promotion for the exhibition it has been decided to produce the two new paintings
as a special affordable limited edition of signed prints.

Since they were first offered for sale a day ago the response has been outstanding.

If anyone is interested in purchasing, contact the gallery direct or go to this link.

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