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Imagine is set in the Suffolk village of Long Melford.
This is an attempt to record the daily trials, tribulation and pleasure of running an art gallery.

Tuesday 15 November 2016

Although there is still a month to go, our Christmas exhibition opens next Sunday.
I would make the usual excuses about why I haven't shown anything as yet but sometimes,
just sometimes it is not all my fault.
There are things that I am excited about and would like to show but I am unable to
The reason being that many are still being created as we speak.
They are all worth waiting for.
I am very excited about their arrival and I have seen many pictures of
"work in progress"

The finished artworks promise to be very special but they can't be shown in their entirety
until they arrive here in the gallery.
Until then I thought it worthwhile to show you some "teaser" pictures of some pieces that are still being created.

The first is by the artist Anne Bachelier.
This is to be a very special piece of art, she is creating a book.

I should first explain that the title for the exhibition is  "A Christmas Carol"
A theme taken from the famous book by Charles Dickens, a story that I have loved from the age of nine. Every Christmas I read it again and each time it still holds the same magic for me.
I think that it captures the spirit [or three] and the innocence of the occasion and with every reading it still makes me feel young again.
Stupid I know, but it makes me smile and think of better times when the world didn't seem as bad.
A time when Christmas was about magic.
For many years I have intended this book to be the theme for a Christmas show.
This year it is happening.

Anne Bachelier was one of the first artists that I approached to be involved.
Fortunately her imagination, creativity and ability far out exceeds my own, but the idea
excited her in the same way as it had me.
From our initial conversation we were comparing ideas and inspirations, it was exciting as I had someone who shared the same vision, plus the ability to make it happen.
These are the best days when running the gallery

Anne offered to create her version of the book
Not just a version illustrated by her but a very special childish version,
It was to be a "Pop-Up" book.
I am sure that the idea of something like that makes us all remember Christmas as a child.
The idea of something like that really excited me.
The perfect Christmas art, created by the perfect artist for such a task.
A Pop-Up book for adults.

The creation of the book has taken many months, and is still to be finished.
That she was prepared to attempt such a project is testament to her creativity and work ethos. 
Especially considering that this has been one of her busiest and most productive years with exhibitions back to back in many different countries.
But to know Anne you understand that she lives to create, she travels with her brushes and paints each and every day.
However the creation of this special book was so much more than painting,
It was creating paintings that were then cut by hand to fit and fold behind other paintings.
Also the whole book has been handwritten with her beautiful script,
In English I might add, which certainly must have been an enormous task.

[Of course not for myself, being multi-lingual and fluent in all languages, especially Cockney].

The thing that I find most amazing is that each page works as a "stand alone" painting.
Just because there has been so much work to do has not tempted her to cut corners or create
"throw away" images. She is treating the whole book as if it is one piece of art.
I eagerly await its arrival, when it does I will turn each page slowly.
This will be a once in a lifetime experience.

I can't thank Anne enough for taking the time and effort to indulge my passion for this project.
It speaks volumes about her, her generosity and willingness to help a friend.
I know that I will never own the book but what a wonderful present for the gallery.
I can't wait to show you the finished book,
I really do feel like a child awaiting the magic of Christmas.


  1. Genius - both of you. I simply love the idea and can't wait to see the finished product. And a pop-up book too. So cool.

    1. Hello Donna, I have just heard from Anne that the finished book is on its way.
      Yahoo, I just can't wait.
      "I hope you are not dissapointed", Anne said.
      How could I be dissapointed with something that has created especially for us?
      I will show a picture as soon as it arrives.

      All the Best