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Imagine is set in the Suffolk village of Long Melford.
This is an attempt to record the daily trials, tribulation and pleasure of running an art gallery.

Monday 24 October 2016

Here at last is a small selection of sculptures that form the other half of our current exhibition.
They are by the artist Evelyne Galinski.

A year ago Evelyne contacted me asking would I be interested in seeing some of her sculptures?
She was traveling from France to deliver work to one of her many UK customers and she offered to call at the gallery before returning home.
After seeing a couple of images of her work I could never say no.
This sculpture was so good it was an opportunity not to be missed.
So, a couple of weeks later she arrived here at my doorstep.

She is one of those artists whose work has to be seen to be fully appreciated.
It is very complex yet at the same time very gentle and beguiling, there are stories to be told about Each unique piece of sculpture.
I am sure that my own interpretations of her work will differ from her own
But that is not important it is the emotion captured in her art that is so moving and personal,
That is important

I was really intrigued in the way her work was created
So on her visit here she showed me many pictures of the work in progress.
One image has been fixed on my mind ever since, it was a white hot sculpture with rain cascading upon it.
Well that is what I thought.
However, it was not rain but sawdust scattered in the air
Where the random flakes hit the hot surface of the ceramic it ignited and changed the surface.
I really wanted to have these images to show you as they were so dramatic,
Unfortunately for me Evelyne is in the progress of producing a book where the photographs will be Shown for the first time so I had to suffice with just a few close up shots of her working.

Her sculptures are sized from those just a few inches tall to others of a giant proportions.
Whatever the size the attention to detail is superb, they can only really be appreciated in the flesh.
There are details and shapes in area's that would not easily be seen
Unless the sculpture is rotated and viewed from every angle, unfortunately although
I am sure that can be done, I am unable to do that for you.

Hey! What do you expect I'm an aging man?

What I would really like to show you is just the raw emotion in each sculpture.
This is very hard to capture in a photograph but I have tried.

I can only say that my life is richer for having this work here with me for a short time.
It is all so dramatic and moving I just know that in the future
I will look back and feel amazed that I ever had this art here on display in "MY" gallery.
Perhaps I should keep one piece a prisoner to enjoy forever.


  1. The babies kissing. That would be my choice. Love it. Very lucky you got to show her work. If you have a glass show, I'd appreciate if you'd let me give you a recommendation for an artist.

    1. Hi Donna
      That sculpture is my wife's favorite and it has been displayed in the window.
      In answer to your question about a glass show, I have often thought about this but I have been wary as I feel that glass really needs to be exhibited in a dramatic way.
      Black background and lots of light, so I have held back until I felt that I could do it correctly.
      Also to be honest I don't know of enough glass artists that would excite me, but it is something that I would like to explore, so yes, I would be very pleased to know of your recommendation if you wouldn't mind.

      All the Best

  2. Wonderful work, so touching and emotional. Thanks for introducing me to this artist.

    1. I pleased that you like them Sharmon. Unfortunately they will not be with us for much longer as she has another exhibition that they are needed for, but at least we have had the pleasure of showing them.