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Saturday, 6 August 2016

I have been in the "doldrums" for far too long but now I'm back.
Of course I appreciate that the world has not been waiting with baited breath, but still it bothered me.
The reason I have not been motivated to write is because of the bloody 'Brexit'.
The ramifications of what has happened has had me fixated with changing events and the news 
each day, I have been waiting to learn it was a great mistake.
It wasn't, we did it or half the country did and they have taken the rest of us down with them.
Just days before the referendum the 'Washington Post' predicted that it could not happen
A whole nation cannot be mad! They told us.
Of course the are not subjected to the shit that we are fed by our so called newspapers.
So it happened, and like so many people I have been in a state of shock.
Perhaps for too long.
We have a wonderful exhibition approaching that I have been busy preparing for,
I should be really happy.
I needed to forget what has happened and enjoy life.
So I did.

A few months ago Irene had purchased me a ticket to go and see my favourite band
Tears For Fears
At last the day of the concert arrived, and there I was just ten feet from the stage
With a few beers inside, having the time of my life singing along to every song.
Life was back on track. 

Now, I really am getting excited about our new exhibition.
Excited and nervous.
The artist is Anne Bachelier, one of my biggest art heroines, this is the reason for being nervous.
Although I know I should not worry because Anne would tell me
"I am just an artist".
But, of course it is always harder when you really admire someone.
I am not bothered for myself I just want Anne Bachelier to enjoy the exhibition,
Which of course makes me put unseen pressure upon myself.

To be honest, what can go wrong?
We have some fantastic paintings, drawings and mixed media that has arrived
From her studio in the French Alps.
All I have to do is put it on display.

Of course I can't make it that simple for myself I have to worry about something.
So I have.
First I worried about the frames I was making. Were the y good enough?
Then my design for the invitation! Could it be better?
The printer of the invitation! Is he an idiot?
The advertising! Should it have been more simple?
In what area's should I display the different work, should I keep oil paintings separate from the
mixed media?
Should I create a banner?

The list goes on and on, there is a lot to worry about and all of it in my mind.

At least I don't have to worry about the art, as usual Anne has sent some beautiful work.
This is amazing as she has just opened a major retrospective exhibition of her art at
'Chateau de Lavardens' in the south of France.
There she has managed to fill an entire castle with her paintings.
Yet, she still makes the time to create a new exhibition for us.
I have told her "This is impossible, you are only one women".
But, she lives to paint.
Also she is one of those rare people who delivers what she promises.

So despite the worries that I am still creating for myself I am becoming increasingly excited.
Her paintings all have such a strong narrative, and there is nothing I like more
than reading a story in a painting.
Perhaps this is why in the past she has been asked to illustrate several famous books.
Although I think it would be easy to create a book from just one of her paintings.
Evidence of this is the painting below which is the one I chose for advertising.

So if you would like to see some amazing art and have the opportunity to speak with the artist
This is the place to be in a weeks time.
Of course you can also ask me about Tears For Fears.
Just don't mention 'BREXIT'.


  1. oh my goodness, Anne paints true magic

  2. She does Mo.
    I hope that your own exhibition does well, why are you so far away.
    Having said that a couple who had a gallery just a few yards away from moved to Australia a little time ago and now they are sheep farmers.
    So who knows what the future could bring?

  3. Spectacular. I never knew you had to be responsible for so much to put on a show. Make my head spin too. Glad you are back in the saddle.

    1. Thanks Donna.
      There does always seem to bee too much to do, but a lot of it is of my own making. Although today with a beautiful English summer afternoon I confess I would rater not be making picture frames. We have so little sun I would rather be outside painting the window frames of the gallery [another job to do].
      But in all honesty, when I am in the "zone" I can't think of anything that I would rather be doing.
      Perhaps learning about my neglected family could be a starting place.

      I hope that everything is good with you.
      It is so nice to understand that you are watching.

  4. All the best with this wonderful exhibition

  5. All the best with this wonderful exhibition

  6. If I could sing :
    Don't worry...be Happy...
    Thank you John.

    1. Thank you Anne.
      I am still too worried to be happy.
      But I am really excited that I will be seeing you and Claude very soon.

      Have a safe journey.

  7. Thank you Susan.
    I do hope that it will not be too long before I am telling the world about your incredible work, and what a nice and forgiving person you are.

    Best Wishes

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