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Imagine is set in the Suffolk village of Long Melford.
This is an attempt to record the daily trials, tribulation and pleasure of running an art gallery.

Thursday 23 July 2015

As usual I am very behind with events and things that have happened
In fact I have trouble remembering what happened when, I really need to do a daily post
But, as like now it is at the end of the day and when the gallery is closed and I have finished all of the chores that I remember that I have not written a single word.
So, who cares?
I do.
I would really like to keep a daily record of events and happenings, however small.
This will never happen so I am going to attempt a short "catch up" over the next few days.
[ My mind just told me "won't happen, will never happen"]
Let's see

I have long anticipated and looked forward to a visit by the French sculptor
Elisabeth Dupin-Sjostedt
I originally met her in Paris earlier in the year when she agreed to exhibit with us later this year.
This was something of an achievement as her work is very collectible and her list of exhibitions are almost "back to back".
But over a coffee in a Paris cafe she agreed to exhibit with us in October.
What was more exciting for me is that she also offered to bring us a few sculptures in the summer
so that her art had a presence here in our gallery.
I have been waiting in anticipation ever since.
A few weeks ago it happened.

With her husband she made the long journey just to deliver four sculptures.
Very few people would do such a generous thing, but I am beginning to understand that the artists
of France are both generous and also very hard working.
I think their work ethic must me "you take out what you put in".
Elisabeth certainly went to a great effort to deliver her work, she not only had two exhibitions in progress but she travelled at a time when travel from Europe was difficult.
There were strikes at the French sea ports and tunnel.
But, she had promised to deliver and she did.

We only had a short time together as this was intended to be a "whistle stop" delivery
So as is becoming familiar to me now with visitors we had a quick trip to the 'Bull Inn'.
For some reason, like the artist 'Charly' who visited before her
'Hot Chocolate' was the drink of choice.
I have to wonder if they are all still fascinated by the film 'Chocolat' with Johnny Depp.
No, impossible, can't happen, what woman would like him?
I tried to keep the French flag flying by forcing down a glass of red wine [or two].
Someone had to do it, didn't they?

But, on a more serious note
When the time came for Elisabeth to depart I felt that I had only learnt a very little about her and her sculptures.
There are still many questions that I want to ask, about her inspirations and her techniques
But with only an hour or so it is hard to "scratch the surface" with an artist.
This was only meant to be a delivery of her sculpture and a quick meeting, which was good.
If only it hadn't left me with so many questions that I would have liked to ask, but as I have found the more that I become to know an artist then the more I want to learn about them.
This is good because I have much to look forward to come October.

The following morning before they departed Elisabeth came to say "farewell".
Even though there was a French speaking customer in the gallery who was in conversation with her and her husband [which was enjoyable] I urged them to leave.
Just in case they were delayed at the famous M25 Dartford crossing.
So after lots of enjoyable double cheek kissing [you get to snog twice in Europe] she departed with plenty of time to spare.

They did arrive home safely and had no problems on the M25 crossing.
But it take an extra day.

We had all forgotten the strike at the French ports.

Still, it was a beautiful hot day so it was good for them to extend their visit,
What better way to spend an English summers day than sitting in a car on the road to nowhere?

Thank you both for making the journey.


  1. Happy beginning for my day : your new page,- the sculptures (I like a lot)... but I don't drink hot chocolate (nobody is perfect!)

    1. Hot Chocolate !
      I am pleased to learn that not all of France drinks it.
      It is awful, but perhaps tastes better than English beer.

  2. I like English beer, (draft?)cider, champagne, white wine...and water !

    1. I promise that on your next visit we will have "REAL" English cider.
      If not, water.

  3. oh what a wonderful post John!

    1. Hello Mo
      I have replied to you twice but nothing has appeared, so here goes for number three.

      To be honest on reading it the next day I thought it was a really bad post, disjointed and rambling.
      The trouble is that I always write last thing in the evening when I am ready to go home.
      Then it takes me so long to type I have one eye on the clock all of the time. As a result what I am trying to tell becomes even more garbled.
      One day I will write a post in the morning, then hopefully it might resemble more of the thoughts that are in my mind, until the I will ramble on and continue to be embarrassed come the next day.

      It was good to know that you are still "out there". How are things with you?

      Best Wishes

  4. Replies
    1. Hardly an interesting post when compared to your own Donna.
      To me it seems that you could write a book about your own life, from the outside it appears so exciting and magical.
      Wrestling with man eating turtles!
      I wish I had turtle problems, however I wouldn't want the uncertain future of horses on my mind, but I would like to live in your beautiful home.
      Mind you with me in charge every plant, fruit and vegetable would be dead within a month.
      But at least with Irene around every living creature would be happy and safe.

      It is lovely to hear from you.