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This is an attempt to record the daily trials, tribulation and pleasure of running an art gallery.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

What Next?

Whenever we have an exhibition in progress or new work on display I am in a constant state of worry.
It seems that I am unable to really enjoy the art that we are showing
as my thoughts are constantly turning to "just what will we have arriving next"?
What can I show people?
I suppose I am one of those people whose "glass is half empty"
never half full.

I suppose I am a serial worrier, after all if there wasn't something to worry about what would I do?
[Irene said, "decorate the house"].

What I really mean
is that I am constantly concerned with thoughts of "how do I follow up a display like that".
Yesterday a customer was talking to me and he remarked
"what I love about this place is that it is different every time I arrive, I never know what to expect
it changes so much".
This was interesting for me to hear because my constant fear is that I don't change enough.


Well I suppose I do, but I think that what I mean is I don't diverse from what I love,
I am very content to show more and more by artists that I love.
Even if they are artists that are new to us there work will never be a dramatic shift away from
the art that constantly moves me.

At times I get carried away and think that I really do own everything that is on show
and that this is my own personal collection that I allow the public to view.
Which in a way I suppose it is,
It is not owned by me but it is a collection of things I love.

Because updating the Blog was well overdue I started to think about what hadn't been shown to you.
Ten minutes later I had a list so long I decided that I would make this post
a small one.
I started to think to myself
"by the time I have written about and shown 'those' I will have to write about 'that',
but I haven't even shown 'them' yet..................." 

I had forgotten how many lovely artworks I have not got around to showing everyone
and as I will soon be making the first of many journeys to collect new art
I thought it was time to start catching up.

What better way to start than by showing our latest additions by
 George Underwood?

The picture at the top which is titled
'The White Rider'
It has never been shown as it was purchased by a very famous person as soon as it was completed.
The version we have is the first print that has ever been produced
an Artist Proof.
There may be others produced but at the moment it hasn't been decided.

Of the other pictures?
One sold as soon as the painting was hung on our wall,
another is now displayed in front of me,
and the last?
Well! Perhaps I had better go and start framing that right now.

There is so much to do it is little wonder I have no time to show you anything.
Must dash........


  1. John, we have much in common. You're glass isn't half full. I say it's half. We are realists. Love the new work. Wish I could come to see your gallery.

  2. Hello Donna
    If we have anything in common then it means that we are both mad and at least I'm not alone.
    I would love to think that I am a realist but I think "big worrier" would be much closer to the truth.

    I wish that you could see the gallery, or at least I wish that I could meet and say "hello" to you.
    I'm sure that there would be much we could talk about.

    It seems such a strange thing to feel that you have a friend, so far away and who you haven't met.
    But I don't think that really matters, do you?

    Lovely to hear from you.


  3. John, it's your fine eye searching for that sense of deep soul that resonates & makes your gallery one of the best places to visit in the world (albeit virtually but I dream of visiting one day...)