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Monday, 17 October 2011

While other events have been taking place and occupying most of my attention
it has been business as usual behind the scenes here at the gallery.
Well, not really "as usual", because the past few weeks have seen the arrival of various different
pieces of work.
Some expected and eagerly awaited, some anticipated and some desired but with no expectation that they would ever come to us.
So despite the fact that I have other things to display I couldn't hold back any longer from showing a few pieces.
These are from a Sottish artist, a sculptor from Sussex and another from France.

I have long desired to show their work,
but apart from Melanie Bourget the French sculptor I had all but given up on the other two.

Guy Holder, the wildlife sculptor.
I remember contacting him very shortly after we first opened, I asked if I could show
some of his ceramic Owls.
It was a waste of time as he explained that he had just signed a one year contract to a gallery
in Cambridge, the terms of the contract forbid him to show with any other gallery
within East Anglia.
If you live outside England you will not understand that East Anglia is a very large area
which is made up from three counties, or states.
It is very large and for anyone to enter into such an arrangement they had to be
mad or desperate.
I have since spoken with other artists who had at some time signed with the same gallery,
they all say the same, "never again".

So with Guy I waited a frustrating year before I approached him again.
He was out of his contract but was now designing for companies who were manufacturing his work on a larger scale.
So he was still unable to let me have anything.
I think I remember trying on another couple of occasions but still with no luck.
But never say never.
I am often told that I should forget some people and "just move on",
but unfortunately that isn't my nature.
So a few weeks ago for the first time I met Guy "in the flesh" and told him that I had contacted him in the past..........................................
"Hang on, are you Imagine Gallery"? He asked
"I was about to contact you to ask would you take my new sculptures"?
Yes Please.
So, it goes to show that stubbornness and persistence do sometimes pay off.

I am showing only one piece by Guy at the moment as I want to photograph them all properly so that people will understand why I persisted.

Next, is Melanie Bourget the French sculptor.
I have loved and coveted her sculptures for a long time, and we have corresponded for a while,
so I knew that with her work it was just a case of when and not if.
She recently came to London so we met for the first time.
It was very entertaining trying to converse, with her minimal understanding of English
and with only my "school boy" French we struggled to have a complete conversation.
But with lots of smiling and pointing and picture drawing we came to an agreement eventually.
Unfortunately for me our first meeting coincided with two major exhibitions of her work
in France and then Canada, so my choice was limited slightly, but not that it mattered as I loved everything that she presented me with.
So here is the start of her work with us, next year I am hoping for an exhibition.
We will see.

Last, but by no means least.
These are the paintings of a woman from Scotland
who I have been pursuing for a couple of years.
Kate Leiper.
I had managed to get some limited edition prints from her a while ago
but I was still longing for a few original paintings.
One in particular.
At last week they arrived, including the one I had most desired.
A strange name for an equally strange painting.
"Mine at last", it was such a strange experience to hold it in my hands and be able to study it
properly, instead of just looking at photographs.
Of course I had to show it to the world, so into the window it went just before I left for home.
Next morning, within three minutes of opening it was sold.

I suppose that is what it is all about having a gallery, but sometimes, just sometimes,
it would be nice for things not to sell.
Well at least for a day, any longer and I would start to worry.

So here above are the objects of my desire.
Two of Kate's paintings, two of Melanie's ladies and just one of Guys
[fictitious Owls].

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  1. It is always a pleasure to visit your blog, you showcase such wonderful talents.