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Imagine is set in the Suffolk village of Long Melford.
This is an attempt to record the daily trials, tribulation and pleasure of running an art gallery.

Saturday 10 September 2011

I have the desire to write every day but as this isn't a personal blog [well it is a little bit]
it makes it harder, I can't write about the daily things that happen and are very important in my life as I had wanted to keep the blog restricted to the gallery.

I am aware that many galleries now keep "blogs", or as far as I'm concerned they are just advertisements as they are only posted about six times a year and might consist of
"Please come on Wednesday when we will be showing new paintings by Doris Day",
of course the same people are putting the same heartfelt message on 'twitter', f'acebook',
and anything else you can think of.
Maybe I should be doing that.
But for me the height of technology and interest is 'blogging'.
I once mentioned a long while ago I was urged to do this by an artist who told me
"we want to know what happens behind the scenes,
come on give us the dirt on everybody, tell us what it is like everyday".

If only she knew how many times her words run through my mind, and how much I would love
to give the details of what goes on.
But, alas I am unable to tell everything, instead I have to "skirt" around it and maybe just hint
about what happens, and the various egos involved.
So the prolonged gap in posting is because lots has happened.

So, lots happened so why not write about it?
Because for every artist that gives me great pleasure to deal with there is at least one other
who is shallow and really disrupts the peace and pleasure of having a gallery.
So I try to give a "thumbnail" of how it is to run a gallery, but I would never be able to do what I was encouraged to do at the start and "tell all".

However, of course the good times outweigh the bad and most people/artists are lovely, and have become my best friends and enriched my life more than I could ever explain.

Today being one example.
I had the unexpected but delightful visit from two sculptors who work together,
Paul Priest and Gaynor Ostinelli.

We are fortunate that our relationship with them works well, although it's not too surprising as they are totally easy going, I don't think that they have even worked out how many letters are in the word ego, plus they always travel a long distance to bring me new work, without any complaint, and that is a very generous thing.
It is a strange that every time I think "what I need now is something by Paul and Gay"
a day or two later they turn up with something new.
As far as they are concerned their work is never " perfect", there is always something that troubles them about it, but at the end of each visit Paul will say,
"well my friend, you just wait and see what we are working on now, you will love it".
I do, but every time they feel that they can "do better for next time.
I think they passed being "very good a long while ago.

I must confess that Paul does get my own 'award' for being the most appreciative artist.
He once told me, "if anyone ever says to me again what does a gallery do other than take your money? Then I'm going to send them here, you work your socks off for us".

It is easy to see why I like them.
So today started with one of their visits, which was brilliant but immediately left me in the dilemma of "what shall I put where, and who should I be showcasing".

I say this because I have recently been sent work by various artist/sculptors that I like and admire and the desire is to put them all in the main window, but that is impossible without making it look silly, so instead I will rotate them around.
In truth I don't want to part with any of their work, I do want to sell it but I hate the thought of parting with it.

Above are a few of the different works that I have received recently.
Of course there are todays arrivals by the "Ostinelli/Priest" collaboration, which are the Hounds and the magnificent Bull.
Another is the bronze "puppet" by my hero Emma Rodgers.
The unusual and beautiful "Head"is by the lovely and incredibly shy but very talented
Helen Nottage.
It is a real treat to show her work.
We have shown her since she was at art collage, now she sells through auction rooms,
and of course still us.
It is so nice to have that continuity and to be involved in an artists progression.
It is what having a gallery is all about.

So how could I not mention the artist whose painting is at the bottom
[only on the list of pictures not in my mind]?
Lindsey Carr.
In fact the same person who urged me to start a blog.
Today is a very important day for her, she has the opening of her first
Solo exhibition in America.
Her first solo exhibition ever was here, and is something I will always be proud and grateful for, this young woman is destined for very great things.
So if you are anywhere near Culver City in California then go and see her exhibition.

The work shown above does vary a little,
the only common link is that I love it all and the artists have given me great pleasure.


  1. what a treat to see and hear about these inspiring artists & thank you again for sharing the wonder on your blog!

  2. I love seeing what you have in your gallery especially the sculptures. thank you