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Friday, 5 August 2011

Often nothing gets written simply because there is too much to tell.
On these occasions I tend to dither about what to write for so long that in the end it seems unimportant and not worth telling about which then ends my dilemma.
I think it's called being lazy.

Now it is that time of year when there is lots going on in the art world especially with ceramics,
there are shows and fairs up and down the length of our small country
and I try to visit as many as I can.
Most of the time I encounter the same people, which is strange in itself as you can start
a conversation in Oxfordshire and the following week conclude it in Scotland.
It feels almost like we are travellers on the road and only get to meet and talk in locations
far from home, but I have developed some good relationships maybe even friendships
with different artists whose studios I have never visited.
It is funny to think that at times they seem too far away to visit but I will think nothing of
driving hundreds of miles in the knowledge and anticipation of meeting them in
varied locations which are home to none of us.

I can be great fun sometimes and I suppose I regard these as my little adventures,
certainly they are the closest that I ever come to having a holiday
which is perhaps a sad reflection on my life.
So my last few weeks [and another to come] have been occupied with journeys.
On Sunday I go on another first to Hertfordshire and then from there to Liverpool.
What makes it interesting and fun for me is that I have no idea [well only a little] of what
I may return to the gallery with, the only thing that is certain is that by this time next week it will look totally different here to how it is today, but it will look beautiful of that I'm sure.

So my thoughts have been very much centered on the various new pieces of work that have
started to fill spaces in the gallery,
but what has occupied my thoughts more is the the anticipation
of what we may have here in the future.
Well isn't that human nature? We always want what we haven't got.
A lot of what I am anticipating and desire is coming from Ireland
We have different art from that island on show in the gallery at all times and the place itself is constantly in my thoughts.

The past two weeks have seen me being very fortunate as because of the fairs I have been able to collect new work from different Irish artists without the need to travel there,
although the excuse would have been welcome.
But there is still other art from that country that I desire and which may arrive very soon.
So rather than tell you about my trips [which I may do] I am just going to show you
pictures of different art I have collected and some that I will collect soon.
Of course I won't be happy until I have everything.

The various work above is by the sculptor Christy Keeney and the two painters
David Shanahan and Jimmy Lawlor.
I will admit that it is unlikely that I will have the exact paintings above by Jimmy as they
are sold, but that makes the anticipation of what I might have even more exciting,
like I was saying you want what you haven't yet got.

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  1. Thank you so much for leaving a note on my blog, otherwise I would not have known about you and your wonderful gallery. Your taste is exquisite and I love every single photograph you post!! I hope that one day I can visit your country and meet all of the potters that I blog with and most definitely visit your gallery. I appreciate your kind words. Some days I wonder what I am doing with this blog thing and then I get a fantastic new note like yours! I'll post your blog on my blog roll so others can see all of this beautiful work.