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Imagine is set in the Suffolk village of Long Melford.
This is an attempt to record the daily trials, tribulation and pleasure of running an art gallery.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Well, I have stopped feeling sorry for myself now, although I still miss the pictures I lost.
It has been strange thinking "I know what will be good to show on the blog", only to realise that it no longer exists. This has given me another day of trying to catch up and re-doing simple things like price cards and leaflets.
I will get there eventually.

Today started 2 hours earlier than usual as the artist Rima Staines was passing through and wanted to collect something from me, so just for once I jumped [fell] out of bed early and arrived here in time to meet her.
She had driven all the way from Dartmoor where she now lives, so I asked about her long journey. It surprised me to learn that she was very nervous of driving, something I found strange as she had before settling in Devon spent a year living and driving around the country
in a converted 'horse box'.
She told me that she got lost and ended up driving through London.
"Oh no, I would hate that, I get really nervous there now", I told her.
Which is true, but also strange as I have spent most of my life working, driving to and around London. I suppose I have turned into a "country bumpkin".
Although the locals wouldn't agree, and often comment "your from London aren't you" with an air of suspicion.?
Leaving a great big question mark hanging.

It was after Rima left and I drove to see my picture framer that I realised that maybe I was now more "country" than "city" in the way my life has changed.
As usual when I arrived at the 'framer's' house I parked the car on the grass in front of his gates. I must explain that he lives in one of the prettiest [most visited]
villages in the country.
I found him sitting in the garden enjoying the rare sunshine.
His garden is very overgrown with weeds but here and there amongst them are some lovely
old fashioned "cottage flowers. So of course for a while we talked gardens, flowers and when best to plant tomatoes and courgettes.
[I must confess here that all I ever do is talk about gardening, the reality of actually getting any done is left to Irene].
Having sorted out the garden, the weather and the state of the country we then decided upon my frames and I left to return to the gallery.
I jumped in the car and set off, but just as I started to move a police car drove very slowly past,
"what have I done" I thought as I saw one of the policemen shaking his head.
They carried on by, so I proceeded on my way and eventually turned onto the road.
"Police, what are they like"? I thought.
A little while later I realised that I had been driving along the pavement when they passed,
which made me think "I always do that'.
But where we live so do a lot of other people in the villages.
"What's the problem with that".
It made me think that maybe I ought to get out more and visit the city as I don't remember
them driving on the pavements in London.

Oh, the pleasures of running a rural gallery.
If only there were people I could be a rich man by now.
Maybe I am, but in other ways.

I thought today, " I must take some pictures otherwise I can't blog", then I remembered that I have emailed various things in the past, so here I am showing a few gallery 'cards' that I retrieved from an old mail to my printers.
They show different works that we have or have had in the gallery, there are nine in total and
the only problem with them is people ask can they have a full set.
I don't know how but I'm sure that I could capitalise on that.

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