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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

It seems strange that after talking about my own pictures yesterday that today they have been the one thing that has dominated my thoughts and preoccupied me.
It started after an early telephone call from a picture library that represents a small portion of my work, the main reason that it it is a small percentage that they have involvement with is because the "owner" who is also a photographer keeps rejecting my work.
It is a case of the goal posts being moved each time.
This isn't a problem as three years ago I stopped sending them work, then one year ago today their marketing lady called me to ask why I didn't send them anything new, and "why was a competitor receiving all of my photographs"?
I explained that it was because they themselves rejected my images, she promised to rectify this, and true to her word they accepted my next batch of photographs, which have since been offered to different publishers.
A few months ago I sent for their approval a few new pictures, all of which were rejected.
Not a problem as another library were happy to take them and they have all since gone on to different publishers.
Why this is prominent on my mind is because today I had a call from the above mentioned lady
telling me that " it is one year later, and you still aren't sending us pictures".
Confused? I was.
I pointed out that they themselves reject what I send them so "why call me"?
This has played on my mind all day and many things at the gallery have been neglected as a result, so I thought best thing to do was to "clear my mind", show the "rejected" photographs
and move on.
Tomorrows another day and I have more interesting things and people to deal with.

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  1. I am enjoying that bottom picture. It reminds me of the Museum of Welsh Life at St. Fagans near Cardiff.It's got quite a number of medieval houses re-built there and is magical.You would need a whole day there to see it all but I think you could do some very engaging photography there.