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Saturday, 26 September 2009

It seems really strange with Christmas still seeming so far away that today two people have asked
"what are you doing for Christmas "? By which they meant what artists or what exhibition will we have.
I must say that my thoughts hadn't really developed that far ahead, as although are exhibitions are planned far ahead I never give an real thoughts towards the Festive Season. I know we would be unlikely to ever hold a solo exhibition at that time as people are looking for a broader spectrum of work than one artist would be likely to make, also I'm never too sure about group
shows as we usually have a theme for artists to work towards.
But then I suppose Christmas itself is a theme.
So with that thought in mind I have made a start by approaching Louise Richardson.
She has some work in our current 'Birds & Bees' show.
Her work is very strange and almost magical, for instance her "Night Dress" and "Cobbled" shoes are very fairy like, I could imagine finding them discarded in a forest clearing after a fairy tale party had taken place.
I think her work would be perfect for December, so I have asked her to make something 'wintry' and 'magical' to take centre stage in our 'Christmas Window'.
She has said that she will so know I can only look forward in anticipation to seeing what she creates.
I suppose it's a bit like a child waiting for Christmas.
But then we are all children at heart.

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