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Imagine is set in the Suffolk village of Long Melford.
This is an attempt to record the daily trials, tribulation and pleasure of running an art gallery.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Recently, I have become excited about different artworks that will be arriving in the near future.
I wanted to share them immediately even though I am not sure of the arrival date.
The reason for that is they are still being created.
But, that's no reason to not show them I thought, as it is always the anticipation of what will arrive 
that can be the most exciting of times in the gallery.
The excitement and the desire becomes almost like a drug
I just know I won't be happy until it is here in my possession for a little while.

Then I remembered that with all of the current nonsense going on that has distracted me somewhat,
that there were many deserving exhibits that had "slipped through my net" and not been shown.
I decided that it was time to play "catch up".
So here are a few [very few] images of pieces that should have been shown as they arrived.
I will add others over a period of time.
[It is no good me saying tomorrow, because sometimes for me tomorrow never comes].

One man is long overdue for a mention, Noah.
Yes that's correct Noah.
He may have not yet created an Ark but he has come very close.
It is impossible to put his work in any "pigeon hole" all I can say is that it is very unique.
He works on many different scales from small delicate silver and bronze containers
To giant size tables standing on antique industrial wheels.
His work [for me] has a slightly 'Jules Verne' nostalgic feel about it, and as suspected the evolvement
Of his sculptures have a history of their own.
In time I will feature many of his smaller works.

The artistic creations of this incredible young woman are equally hard to describe and to show you.
Viewed "front on" they look like paintings
Which in fact they are, but paintings with a great difference.
They are 3 dimensional artworks.

In fact she told me that being unable to describe them to galleries has really hindered her.
"It seems that my work has to be a painting or a sculpture but not both", she told me.
In the past she has even tried to describe them as a collage, but that didn't work either
as it seems it would then have to incorporate printed paper, which it doesn't.
So for want of a description it is sometimes ignored and goes unseen.
I just call it beautiful
Works for me.

I hope that the images shown explain a little of how her work really looks.
It is painted on 'chamois' leather attached to wood, which is then cut out and built in layers
Which create a 3D painting.
To view them from side to side is an education.

Again, I will show more in the future.

At least this doesn't need an explanation.
It is a "very" limited edition print that I am thrilled to have from an American artist.
The edition is of '91' prints which is very unusual.
Framed, and hanging on the wall in front of my desk it is an image that I have enjoyed
each day since its arrival.
I have tried many times to work out the story within the picture, yet every day I imagine another.

The art shown above are a sample of what has arrived and is now on display.
However, I couldn't help myself and I had to show you just a hint of what we will have in the future.
So below are two examples of what will be arriving very soon.

I won't say anything about the artist or what we will be exhibiting of his art at the moment
But I can tell you that we will not have these two paintings.
They are sold.
Although limited edition prints are available of both. 

The paintings that I have chosen and those still being created I will leave to your imagination
Until that day when I can show them to you as a complete group.
But I think that you can guess that they will be just slightly different to traditional landscapes.

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Will I ever write on my Blog again?
I have been asking myself this question for a very long time. Since I last posted the world seems to have changed a great deal, and to say that events have left me angry and frustrated would be an understatement.
So to write about myself and the gallery seemed a very shallow thing to do when there is so many important and life changing events happening everywhere.

On consideration, I realized that the whole purpose of my Blog was just to talk about events that happen in my life and a art gallery in a rural part of England.

Whoops! I nearly went off on one then with the word "England".
Now, back to reality and really important events.
My events.

Early last year we held a fantastic exhibition by the artist George Underwood.
Perhaps you may remember that George had been David Bowie's lifelong friend from the age of nine.
There friendship and adventures together have been well documented, and of course George's paintings of his friend have been exhibited worldwide, plus also at our gallery.
At the conclusion of our solo exhibition with George my thoughts were
"That was great fun, I wish we could do it again".

Of course we always have a selection of his art on display in the gallery but I wanted to repeat the fun and excitement of holding a special solo exhibition with him.
The response from the public had been fantastic, to the extent we even held a "closing day" event,
this was a first for us and was held so that his fans had a chance to have a "one on one"
conversation with him, although that didn't happen as he gathered everyone around him and it turned into a group session/interview which was loved by everyone.
As I walked around the gallery dealing with everyday customers I could hear in the background laughter and applause.
"What am I missing"? I wondered.
That evening it was all recounted for me by George, his wife and Irene.
What a day, what an exhibition. How I would like to experience it again.

A few days later the opportunity for such a unique event presented itself.

In his long career and also from his friendship with David Bowie George has met and painted portraits and album covers for many famous musicians.
Some were created for his own private collection but many were used by the artists.
One such artist/musician was the "late" Marc Bolan.
An incredible musician who tragically died far too young and at the height of his musical career.

He has left behind a giant fan base and even inspired the now famous tribute band, "T.Rextasy".
A tribute to the name of his own first band "Tyannosaurus Rex".
T. Rex as it became known.
The singer and founder of the tribute band is a lovely man name Danielz.

Because of the exhibition with George Underwood, Danielz came to the gallery and left me with the cover of an early Marc Bolan album [created by George[ which George had promised to sign for him.

A few weeks later Danielz returned to collect the signed cover. 
By this time I had given much thought to a "follow up" to the Underwood exhibition.
So, in conversation with this charming musician/artist/singer I asked "did he play acoustic"?

"What an idiot", he must have thought.

He explained that the band had just done a fully acoustic Gig in the nearby town 5 miles away.
In fact with his band they intersperse full sessions with "unplugged" gigs.
Which makes perfect sense as much of Marc Bolan's earlier work was acoustic folk music.

So, to cut a very, very long story short.
We will be holding a solo exhibition by George Underwood this September.
It will be an exhibition with a difference, it will consist of all of his music portraits and album covers,
Some for sale, some on loan from his collection, but with new paintings and many Limited Editions
created especially for the exhibition.

The main focus of the exhibition will be his art of Marc Bolan.

Marc died on September -16 - 1977
Our exhibition open on September -17 - 2017

On the 40th anniversary of his death our exhibition opens, and to mark this very special event
Danielz and his drummer John Skelton will be here in the gallery to play an acoustic session in tribute to the late musician.
The music of Marc Bolan will be played in front of a background of paintings by George.
It will be unlike any event we have done before, and I expect ever again.
I think the term is "once in a lifetime".

There is a great deal of planning to be done, idea's are growing as I write.
Even today a visitor asked will you hold an "Evening with George Underwood" the night before?
Wow! Now that's an idea.
Anyway at the end of this month all parties are meeting to discuss the growing plans so I will keep you "posted".
I confess I am scared as I think that the event will be "BIG".

I had not intended to talk about this for another couple of months or so, but as people have started to call/email asking for "ticket" availability I have started to become really focused.

Of course we will be holding some lovely exhibitions before this date, but in terms of planning
they will almost seem a "walk in the park".
This does not mean they are any less important or be treated less seriously but the logistics will be more what we are used to.
Because of this I am looking forward to them with greater pleasure.

So, if you are a music fan and have a free day in September.
Get in touch soon.

Of course what is shown above is just a small selection of George's music portraits and album covers,
a very small sample of what to expect.

The exception is the first image, which is of a poster produced be Danielz which is available at 
his many Gigs.
At the moment he is playing around the country almost every night, his only days off are when he is traveling to the next venue.
Check his website [we are listed as a "unplugged" Gig].


I am glad that I did write again.
As I was writing I could visualize how the event might unfold and look and I have become very excited.
So, tonight I will not return home and watch the news on TV,
I am in a much happier place.