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This is an attempt to record the daily trials, tribulation and pleasure of running an art gallery.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009


It's a bit of a strange week so far as most of my mind is absorbed with the current exhibition but all the time "the future" is lurking there at the back of my mind. Not in any unpleasant way but just as something that has got to be thought about and planned. I often wish that there were more months in the year as there is so much work and so many talented artists that I would love to exhibit. I often think that I will be an old man [even older than I am now] before I have 'scratched the surface' of the the work that I would like to show, also I am very aware of the artists who have helped us and to whom we owe a great debt, some of them very lovely people with who I would love to have a friendship with outside this strange art world we inhabit. 
In time I would love to think that we will have done justice to all our talented friends out there, but one thing at a time.
Next years exhibitions have been hovering at the back of my mind for a long time now as it is an important year for us, it will be five years we have been here showing the work that we love
and we want next year to be "special" [for many reasons].
Two exhibitions are "set in stone", they are with potter Jim Malone and sculptor Brendan Hesmondhalgh, both of whom we are really excited and proud to be showing, in fact Jim has been "booked" for 4 years.
For the past week the 'germ of an idea' has been on my mind, I have been thinking about the possibility of showing Emma Rodgers alongside Herman Muys and Ostinelli & Priest.
I think the work would sit well together but ultimately it depends upon what the artist's think.
For me this is perhaps one of the 'fun parts' of having the gallery but also one of the hardest and most worrying, trying to persuade different artists [who are heavily committed elsewhere] that
it would be 'good and exciting' to show with us [and each other].
First call was to Emma, who as usual was exciting to talk to and ready to try anything new, one look at her work gives away everything about her personality, exciting, vibrant and full of life.
"YES", was her response.
Next was Herman, but before I contacted him Gaynor Ostinelli called me, so I outlined what I had in mind. She said that subject to talking with Paul she thought it would be "yes".
So one to go, Herman.
I have written and will now have to wait, but whatever the outcome the pleasure has been in the vision, of seeing in 'my minds eye' how it could all look. Maybe nothing will come from it,
but the pleasure for me has been in the vision.
How lucky am I?
Another person I HAD to contact was the incredible ceramist Amanda Popham. I had spoken to her a couple of months ago to ask would she have a 'solo' exhibition sometime in September,
she agreed to but I have never got around to confirming in writing until today, so I just hope that meanwhile she hasn't been whisked from under my nose.

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