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Saturday, 3 January 2015

A New Year

A New Year?
It has been so long since I have written anything I was beginning to think it might be another year before I found the motivation to do another post.
I have wanted to many times but I just felt that I had nothing to say worth reading.
Life has just been continuing in a way that is normal [for me]
and I have just felt "who wants to read about this"?
But I suppose that a lot has been going on and perhaps I should have mentioned different things.
I certainly know that the blogs that I enjoy reading are just about peoples daily life.
A life that you think by reading you are a part of.
So, at last here is a little "catch up" on a little of my life and what has happened.

Of course we have had that small event called Christmas that has happened.
I am never prepared for it in the gallery or at home.
But certainly in the gallery there were lots of changes and new additions
so here are a few of them, even though most of them have now left us for new homes

We have had new sculptures from Sue Claire, my favourite being the life size 'Cheetah'.
This was the first sculpture of hers that I fell in love with
but it has taken time and a lot of persuasion to get her to part with it

But at last at the start of December she called and asked
"would you still like to have the Cheetah as now I am prepared to part with it".
Days later it was on display
Days later it had gone.
It really is beautiful and with such a sad expressive face, I am only showing the face because
it captivated so many people, including myself.

Then I had them delivery of many new paintings by
Rob Van Hoek.
He occasionally sends me pictures of his new works, for no reason other than for my comments.
Two recent paintings I became obsessed with so I asked 
"could I have them"?
Unfortunately they were destined for an exhibition.
Even more unfortunately for the gallery involved Rob sent them to me instead.

His art has had a fantastic response, and needless to say his gamble with us was well founded.
Of course I would say that wouldn't I.
But its true.

To my very great delight and pleasure we also had a delivery of ceramics from one of my greatest
ceramic heroines Louise Gardelle.
Here is a small sample of those we received.

Although I can honestly say we have never had a bad pot from her, these are perhaps the best
we have ever had.
The quality of the glazing and decoration is wonderful.

Like many times before I put aside those that I intended to keep for myself.
Then as usual I decided that I couldn't justify that as we are supposed to exhibit the best,
So I did.
Bugger me, guess what?
Those I wanted to keep, they all sold

Still we still have many others remaining, and the one thing that I have learnt is that we all like different things.
And sometimes, just sometimes, I am not always right about what is the best
[that hurt me to admit that].

We also had the most wonderful sculpture by my friend Rachel.
This really tortured me as I was determined to have it for myself, I loved it so much.
Fortunately I was saved as it was purchased by another good friend.
So the dilemma was taken away from me.
She has promised to send a replacement
[so my torture can start again]

So now I am giving thought and planning for the coming year
Of course very much on my mind is the exhibition by the photographer Asher Svidensky
with the sculptor Sandra Courlivant
'The Eagle Hunter'

But my thoughts and plans go far beyond and before this as I have so many ideas
that are still in the planning and thought stage
[many get stuck there]
A couple of exhibitions [one 5 years in the planning] are confirmed
These I will talk of as the year progresses, meanwhile there are those that are still in my mind.

I hope that these will move a step closer when I visit Paris next week.

They involve an artist and a sculptor
Both French
[that's why they are in Paris]
Agnes Boulloche and Elisabeth Dupin-Sjostedt.

With luck I will tell more of that after my trip to France, which I confess I am a little nervous about
I don't think my "mange tout et petit pois"
understanding of the language will get me very far, but of course I can always throw in the occasional
That should wow them and convince them that I am a true native
[or an idiot who can't speak any French].

It goes without saying
that also in the coming year I hope and desire to be showing more art by my very best
French friend
Anne Bachelier.
Her paintings and drawings are like a drug that I can't give up.
So, Anne please feed my "habit".

Anne has been a little unwell recently, but yesterday she sent me some photographs
which must mean that she is feeling better.
The photographs were taken from her garden at Christmas.

That is what you call a Chritmas Photograph.

Meanwhile at the same time here in Long Melford, this is a photograph of our December landscape.
It features the bridge behind the gallery which leads to the land of many adventures.
At least that is what our dogs regard it as
To them I think it is the bridge to "neverland".

The most amazing thing, is that not only is it December but on the other side of the stream that is a barley field
What is happening?
Leaves on trees and barley in December!
Unreal but true.
It looks like July and is not very festive.
But at least it is cold.

It all makes me think that this is going to be a very different year,
good but different.

I hope that the readers of this blog have a really good year.
Remember, the best times are still to happen.


  1. my answer ...YESSSS John...
    Happy New Year....

    1. That has made my New Year very happy Anne.

  2. your posts and the art work shown continue to amaze and intrigue all at the same time, happy new year to you and yours.

    1. Thank you Linda.
      I am never sure about anything that I am showing.
      What I mean is I am not sure how it is perceived by others, I just show the things that I love and hope that others will also like them as much as me.
      It feels like such a big commitment when you show an artists work, I always want the best for them and constantly worry that perhaps I haven't shown their art as well as I could have done. So comments like your own do make me feel better.
      Have a good year Linda.

      Best Wishes

  3. Replies
    1. Happy New Year Donna
      How are you?

      I love your comment about taste, it has cheered me a lot.
      I often think that perhaps I am being too "choosey" about the different things we show, I understand that for some people they are on occasions too different, but I can only be guided by my own taste.

      To be honest if we didn't need to sell things to survive, then I wouldn't care what anyone thought or if they purchased.
      I just show the different works that move me and then keep my fingers crossed that others feel the same.

      I hope things are well with you Donna.
      I really wish you a good 2015.

      Take Care

  4. Oh Wow! all of these are exquisite but I am in love with the painting by Agnes Boulloche, 2015 feels like the most magical year yet and it's not even a week old!

    1. Happy New Year
      I was hoping that you might write Mo, as I value your opinions [especially when they are nice].

      I also love the paintings by Agnes, and I am excited about the prospect of meeting her in a few days.
      She has written to me just a few minutes ago asking "would I like to choose some paintings while I am there".

      Well, let me just think about that for a second.


      Thank you so much for your [very unexpected] card, it really meant a lot to me.
      To think that this lady that I have never had the pleasure of meeting, and who lives so very far away has taken the time to send a card meant a lot to me.
      I spent a long time just sitting and looking at it with so many different feelings.
      It meant a great deal to me.

      Thank you.
      I have been thinking about what nice thing I can send in return.

      I will.