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Imagine is set in the Suffolk village of Long Melford.
This is an attempt to record the daily trials, tribulation and pleasure of running an art gallery.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

It has been another few "whirlwind" days and at the moment I am feeling pretty "car lagged"
if there is such a thing. I have been collecting more ALICE items from various people in different places, I think a short while ago that I visited Yorkshire, and I definitely remember going to sleep at a junction on the M25 last night while I awaited the arrival of a sculptor from Wales.
Tonight should see the arrival of the very last pieces of art, this time I have the luxury of waiting in the gallery until it arrives.
The last pieces are from Louise Richardson and her family.
She is the daughter of an artist and is married to an artist, the whole family are contributing to the exhibition with the exception of the children [unless I haven't been told]
and I just know, that everything will be unusual and worth waiting for.

I hope to do one last ALICE post before the exhibition but if I don't find the time
[I don't have time to sleep at the moment]
I will say now that we do have some beautiful and incredibly varied things to show,
and I would like to just say a BIG thank you to everyone involved.
I know that I haven't as yet mentioned you all, but I will, and I want to because your combined works have given me so much pleasure, even before we opened.
I must admit that there are 'Red Dots' appearing already because people are coming in saying
"I'm out on opening day so could I reserve......"?
Something that is both good and bad, at least it gives an indication of the level of interest.

I do have some wonderful things that I want to show but I have still to take pictures.
I will make sure that there is at least a few 'snaps' to be seen before the opening.
But until then I will show the invitation [inside pages].
So if you haven't had one in the post then this is for you.
If you manage to make the opening and can't find me, then look on the floor behind the counter
where I will be found curled up asleep, most likely with a bottle of wine.
After all it did say "Drink Me" on the label.

Despite the pressure/fun/tension that has occupied me with the build up to the opening
one other very important thing has happened.
The first pictures from Michael Parkes have arrived at the gallery.
I can honestly say that nothing had prepared me for the beauty that the hold.
Seeing pictures of them was good but the reality was so, so much better.
They are very gentle and so very beautiful.
Now that we are one of a few galleries in the world to be showing his work I will make time
to show some of his art as we receive it.
I feel very lucky and privileged to display it.

So here are a couple of the pictures that have just arrived from him and beneath it your own
invitation to the ALICE exhibition.

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  1. Well don't give up John....I've only just found this. It's very interesting to read 'notes from behind the scenes', It sounds such fun...despite it being incredibly hard work! I envy you, there is nothing I would rather do than this.
    Anyway I really just popped by to say how much I enjoyed the exhibition. What makes your gallery so special, is that you always have such eclectic styles of art, albeit working round a central theme. Of course Rima's clock looked beautiful! She is so talented.

    Will drop in again.