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Saturday, 3 April 2010

I was going write a long and VERY interesting  post all about me and my photographs.
But luckily something far better has happened so I will mention that .
But whatever, me first.

A year ago I was driving around the area photographing hundreds of images that Karen Fawcett
was then going to use to create illustrations for a booklet that we produced.
The booklet was to be used for a [Kit Williams] style treasure hunt that we were going to hold.
In fact we did hold it and it is still ongoing, but that's another story.
Karen lives far away and as she couldn't be here to see and paint different scenes so I undertook
to photograph as much of the area as I could so that she had something to base her paintings upon.
We had a deadline with the printer so I had to have everything to Karen by a set date.
Things were fine until snow started. Started and didn't finish.
I spoke with Karen and she told me that if I could still get pictures then she would be able to use them, in fact the snow changed a little of what we were doing for the better.
So I drove wherever I could and snapped away, however I was restricted to more local areas.
My local area happens to be a village called Lavenham, in fact we live outside the village in the country, which doesn't mean that the village isn't in the country it is.
It is amazing how such a small place draws visitors all year, from around the world,
this is mainly due to the "chocolate box" nature of the architecture, which although nice
does after a while seem ordinary, but I suppose that's because we don't see it as outsiders do.

Whatever, back to the pictures.
Because of the snow and my fear of driving in it I decided to stay really local and went into Lavenham to take as many different pictures as I could.
These were only intended as snaps and were taken hurriedly and without any great thought other
than to get something that could be used as a basis to paint from.
Later that day as I was going through the pictures to mail on to Karen
one of them caught my eye.
It was of the Guildhall in the village square.
I liked it and decided to treat it a bit more seriously, so I enlarged it and made a print from it.
It has since gone on to become a book cover.
But more importantly it has become Harry Potters birthplace.
Unbeknown to us "yokels" the village was filmed in January, with the snow still on the ground to be Harry Potters childhood hometown.
Harry's home, or the house of his parents is the Guildhall.
To think that I have been here all this time and didn't know this.
Blimey, it's not even mentioned in the tourist guide, but then we are country folk.
So here we have it.
Harry's, Mum and Dads place [they were out at the time] as pictured by me.

Now, to something more important.
The Alice exhibition is at the front of my mind constantly and although things seem to be
'shaping' up there are some problems and some disappointments.
Little things, like the work will be ready after the opening.
Nothing too important.
I do have to remind myself from time to time that artists are only people [it's a fact]
and like us all they have pressure's and many different commitments and
can only produce so much.
So it was with great delight that I had a call from one of my favourite artists
Louise Richardson.
I have shown her work on the blog before and I hope to do so again in the future as she is
having a solo exhibition with us later this year.
For me the best thing about her work is that you can never guess what will come next.
When I mentioned the Alice exhibition to her the reaction was
" Oh, fantastic, that's just my sort of thing ".
So here is what she has sent me pictures of today.
They are all to go in wall cases, and once on the walls I just know they will disappear.
They always do.
It's strange, much as I want her to have great success I would also love to put her in a cage
and only let her out to make work for us.
Alas, that can't happen but I know we will always have some of her work because that is the 
person she is.
She doesn't forget.

So firstly, Harry's Mums.
Then by Louise:
The 'White Rabbit' waistcoat.
"You're nothing but a pack of cards!"
"Drink Me".

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