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Sunday, 3 January 2010

A New Year

The New Year has started and I can't help wondering what it will have in store for us.
I often look around at the different work and artists that we have here and find myself thinking
"this time last year I didn't know they existed, now not only do I have their art but they are an important part of my life".
Or I may think " how wonderful it is to have this new friend ", someone who a few months or a year before had just been an anonymous artist whose work I admired.
For better or worse I can't help but marvel at the way life works and the roads it leads us down.

So it was with the artist Lindsey Carr.
Now I can't even remember how I stumbled across her or what was the first picture of hers that I
looked at, which is a really strange feeling as now I couldn't imagine the gallery being complete
without a piece of her work on display.
Not that I take that for granted as I feel that Lindsey is one of the people who will suddenly
become very big [in the art world] and will be showing in far greater places than ours, she is currently exhibiting in America where she is greatly admired, in fact some of the paintings of hers that we have sold have gone abroad and I think it will be a case of her becoming an artist
who in the future UK galleries will be trying to lure back 'home' to exhibit.
It was with these thoughts in mind that I have asked Lindsey to exhibit with us early next year,
which seems strange because I haven't yet finalized this years exhibition programme, but I just have a feeling that if I hadn't asked her  [a few months ago] then I may never get another chance.

What can I tell you about Lindsey?
She has a very large following and I would imagine that most people know more than I do, but I
do know that she is someone who doesn't talk about herself too much, or give much away in terms of her personal life, I have a feeling that she doesn't think that she is interesting enough.
Far from it she is fascinating, just trying to understand what motivates her and where her ideas come from is enough to occupy many hours.
So, I will tell you what she tells everyone.
"She is an artist who lives and works in Scotland." That's it, she tells very little else.
But from my own observations I will add that she is very intelligent, has a great sense of humour, and has a mind that is full of so many ideas that she has trouble finding time to bring them all to fruition, although that may change now as she has altered her life in order to spend more time creating.
She paints on wood, usually reclaimed  [why make life easy] and frames her work in old clock cases.
Oh, and she has a boyfriend, a cat, and lives in a cottage that looks out over the sea.

So now you all know as much as I do.
Here is a sample of her art.
The last picture is a sample of her work that we have used for gallery information cards.

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