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Thursday, 28 January 2010

It seems that a week has slipped through my fingers, not through inactivity I hasten to add but because I have been locked in "writing mode" trying to get the article about Jim Malone "put to bed". I think that I suffered from what is known as "writers block", or in my words "stumped".
It was so important to me [and the gallery] that my mind just froze and I was unable to write a thing, or anything worthwhile.
Still after a week and four re-writes it is done and has been sent off to
Ceramic Review magazine.
The reaction there was better than expected, they did express surprise at the personal nature of the article but have put it on the pile to be published.
So it's a case of wait and see, but I am glad that it is now behind me and that I can concentrate on the many things that have gone on the "back burner" for a week.

A couple of interesting things have happened.
Firstly I have added another exhibition to what I thought was our full calendar, this will take place in April and is titled 'ALICE', the theme is the Mad Hatters tea party.
How it all came about will wait for another post, and who exactly [some confirmed] will be showing is still a little in the pipeline, mainly because I have tried something really different and approached a group of cinema prop makers and asked if they will be involved.
It had occurred to me that some of the best sculptures made end up on the "big screen" and not in galleries, and that there are some fantastic artists out there that we never know of.
So I made an approach and have had a good response, it would seem that the prop makers are frustrated that they are never recognized. What the outcome is all going to be like is any ones guess at the moment but I am pretty sure myself that with the other artists that I have approached it will all be very exciting.
I'm excited, and as I often say "it's my party" [and if it goes wrong "I will cry if I want to"].
I will tell more about this as it evolves.

One other very exciting thing has happened for me.
I imagine that most people know of the famous sculpture at the 'Eurostar Terminal' at St Pancras station. It is of the couple embracing, it is in bronze and stands 7 metres tall and is guaranteed to stop you in your tracks.
What a lot of people don't know is that it was made by a man named Paul Day.
Paul has made a number of very important sculptures that can be found in public places,
all of them incredible.
Including his incredible "Battle of Britain" monument at Westminster.
He is just so talented I could talk for hours about him, but suffice to say I am very moved by his art, as are many others
I have long thought about approaching him but have always stopped myself at the last second,
after all we are not a London or New York gallery [he sells at both] and I had assumed that he would tell me to "get lost", but I had underestimated the artist and the man.
I did find the courage to eventually approach him and was really surprised to find that he lives in Dijon, France.
Not only does he live there but when he answers the telephone you are treated to hear his voice speaking in "en Francais" and with a beautiful accent.
This was the pleasure that I had.
As I should have expected, like all great artists he was most gracious, kind and appreciative.
So cutting a long story very short, next week I shall be meeting Paul in England to collect some beautiful sculptures that he has for us.
What more can I say, my heart sings with pleasure.
I will let you know of the meeting when it happens, meanwhile here is a glimpse of the work that has moved me so much.

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  1. You just keep doing those things that make your heart sing John. Life is too short to settle for anything less and it is wonderful for us all to see what you find.