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Saturday, 5 March 2016

Sometimes it is nice to be taken by surprise.
Not always, but sometimes. This is about one of those occasions.
There is an international art magazine titled 'MIROIR'.
They have a reputation of  showcasing some of the worlds best artwork.

I was told by a friend that I would really appreciate the latest issue as it featured somebody I know.

The magazine can be viewed online so of course that's what I did first before buying one.
It might not be as enjoyable but sometimes the immediacy of viewing online
can be irresistible [especially when it's free].

I wasn't sure what I was expecting to find but I knew that it would be good.
It is always nice to read about people that you know.
On this occasion I was even more pleased and excited as the magazine had a very large article
 featuring one of Imagine Gallery's very best artists 
Anne Bachelier

For the very first time I learnt things about Anne that I had no knowledge of. 
My only excuse for not having asked her the same questions as the magazine is,
I feel art is a very personal thing and sometimes it is best not to know too much.
The magic might vanish.
I have thought that it is good to weave your own story around an artwork.
Now I understand that I am an idiot.
I learned so much from the article and it gave me a greater understanding of her inspirations.
As a result I love her paintings more.
I am only showing a fraction of the interview and the pages published,
I would urge everyone to purchase a copy or at least like me read the magazine online.

What made the feature really special for me was that on the last double page spread 
they featured a painting that I see each day here in the gallery.
"Wow" that's our painting.
It was so strange to see something that I look at, touch and admire each day
now being shared with the world.

It is a wonderful painting, the longer you view it the more detail you find. 
Like much of the art we show I will miss it when it sells
So while it is still "mine" I thought I would show how it looks in our setting.

It is a strange painting which seems to change.
Wherever I place it in the gallery the light seems to change the colouring.
I look at the image in the magazine and think "yes that is just what it looks like" then I think
"No, it is much softer, more gentle".
Moving it again into a different room it then becomes darker and more menacing
The story changes
It is a stunning painting and for a little time it is mine
That makes me feel proud.

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