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Imagine is set in the Suffolk village of Long Melford.
This is an attempt to record the daily trials, tribulation and pleasure of running an art gallery.

Friday, 22 February 2013

I almost forgot to tell you that we have an exhibition opening on Sunday.

There are reasons for the lapse of memory, but at the moment they are too sad for me to talk about.
But with luck some of those feelings will be alleviated for a while this weekend,
as we are holding of a solo exhibition of sculpture by one of my nicest friends,
Karen Fawcett.

Karen has built a really large following of fans here in the gallery,
so it is with excited anticipation that we will open the doors on Sunday. I collected the sculptures
from her a week ago and I can promise that they really are "something special".

Over the years we have been exhibiting her art it has been a delight to see her growing,
In reputation, as a sculptor and as an individual.
I have always promised her that "one day" she would be famous.
Of that I have never had doubts, but now that it is happening I feel jealous of the galleries that exhibit her art, I almost think I preferred it when she was "my secret". 
But to even think such a thing shames me.
As she told me a couple of days ago " your work is always put in front".
I suppose that is because we have become friends and collaborators with a common goal.

This will be a good and fun exhibition, with sculptures too good not to be real. 

When and if I have a chance I will show pictures of her stunning ceramics as they deserve to be seen.
Until then here is a peak of the invitation.


  1. Hope the exhibition opening went well. I would have liked to come but I spent the week-end helping my son plan his wedding. Not too onerous a task really as it meant eating and drinking at various venues to rate their suitability!
    I hope everything is all right over at Long Melford- best wishes Margaret

  2. It would have been lovely to see you Margaret.
    What is happening to our little children?
    If you need any help checking out venues, then give me a call. That sounds like my sort of work.
    I promise I will write with the details for Harry Juniper.