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Imagine is set in the Suffolk village of Long Melford.
This is an attempt to record the daily trials, tribulation and pleasure of running an art gallery.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

All of the time that I had been travelling [enjoying myself] and collecting various different works it
had been very much in my thoughts that there was an exhibition to set up on my return.
However this was not going to cause as much stress and panic as the usual show,
the reason for this is that all of the exhibits had been delivered well in advance of the opening.
In the past on some occasions we have had work turn up the day before
[even on the day] the opening, to say that this increases the stress would be something of an understatement, as a result I will often be sitting here at 2.am the morning before
still typing out the price list, the excitement of this wore off some years ago.
This time it was very different.
The very last of the art arrived here with two weeks to spare, what is more amazing is that the
three artists involved all live in France, so the logistics,
the packing and shipping was even more involved than what is normal.
What a refreshing change it is to be involved with artists that understand that you need their help to
create a successful exhibition.
So returning from my trips I was excited at the thought of preparing the new show.
The invitations were all printed so it was an enjoyable period setting up the exhibition and even
having time to re-arrange things until we were completely happy.
I have decided that I prefer this to doing it the day after the opening.

The three artists involved are, Melanie Bourget, Louise Gardelle and Christine Amelie Petit.
Sculptor, potter and painter.
We have shown work by Louise ever since we opened 7 years ago and it seems strange to see that she now has a loyal following here in the Suffolk countryside. People come in occasionally talking as if she is a good friend and we have requests for news of fresh pieces every week.
Melanie is new to us although we have had a few pieces on show for a few months to create
interest in her sculpture.
Christine, approached me after plans for the exhibition were already in motion.
It seemed the obvious thing to invite her to be included in the event, luckily she agreed.
For a while in my mind the exhibition was titled 'Three French Hens', in fact all my paperwork
and computer files have that as a heading.
Fortunately before the invitations went to be printed Irene became involved so we opened a show
with the title 'Trois Femmes Francaises'.

The reaction has been really good, with many people returning to look and to purchase.
I think that it is an exhibition that given enough time would be a sell out as "word of mouth"
is bringing new visitors daily.
Paul, the local hairdresser has told me that it is the talk of his salon, I am not surprised when considering some of the various hairstyles shown in the different pieces.
I look forward to him telling me that someone came in asking for a "Melanie Bourget no. 3" style.

This has been a fun exhibition from the very start and it still has a little longer to run.
The artists are professional, their work is beautiful, but the best thing of all is:
my French has improved.
"Au revoir mes amis".

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  1. Your work is very fun and carefree. Lovely and cool art works.