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Imagine is set in the Suffolk village of Long Melford.
This is an attempt to record the daily trials, tribulation and pleasure of running an art gallery.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Well our 'Grand Opening' is well and truly behind us now.
In fact so many things have happened since when I think back upon it now it seems almost a dream.
The opening day passed in a blur, it seems so strange to have put so much work into it [even up to the last hour before opening] that I have no distinct clear memories of what happened on the day.
I suppose it is a little like trying to remember Christmas day as a child, I can still remember the Eve but not the day.
It passed so fast, or seemed to although in reality it lasted for about seven hours.
Many people came, old friends and new [some travelling for hours] plus many of the characters and artists that have become a part of the gallery. Indeed it would seem strange now to imagine a life that they didn't take a part in.
I can remember snatches of conversation with different people which seemed to last for just a few minutes but I can't recall a day's worth.
But it happened and all seemed to be over far too soon.
Unfortunately I forgot to record any of the events on camera, I had promised various people that I would and I even had my camera behind the desk , but it was only when the day was over that I remembered that I hadn't picked it up once, too much was happening.
It is a shame to have no pictures because I don't think that we will be opening many new galleries in our lifetime,  plus I had promised various artists that I would record events and I do regret that I have nothing to show them.

I mention the work that went into opening the gallery, a lot of this work was done by many different artists living and working in locations far from us, and of course without their help, commitment and involvement there would have been no gallery to open.
I suppose thinking back on the day most of the time my thoughts kept returning to them,
in fact it would have been impossible for that not to happen as questions were being asked all of the time about a particular piece of work or the artist who created it.
I wish that they could have been here [some were] to talk about their art, but then again maybe it was best for me to boast of their achievements for them as I know many are far too modest.
Still it would at least given me more time to concentrate on the 'wine tasting'.

There were many pieces that have now left us for new homes, one really unusual piece was sold "twice" by mistake [whoops, my fault] and another was the cause of an argument.
This was the unusual Reliquary with the silver spoon that I posted a little while ago.
A couple came especially to purchase it and couldn't understand why it had sold to someone two hours before, as they explained to me "we came especially to buy that".
What can you say?

Anyway, the following day and all those that followed I knew that I was on borrowed time before someone called and asked "have you any pictures of the opening"?
That day was today.
As I haven't instead I have taken a few pictures of different area's in the gallery as it is today.
With many different pieces being taken away [due to the distance travelled by the purchaser] the 
exhibition pieces have now been spread throughout the gallery, which at the moment is in a constant state of flux as we keep trying different pieces and paintings in different areas, still trying to get a feel for how the place and the work shown will look at its best.
We are getting there but it is still early days.

The pictures are of nothing in particular but of spaces and things that caught my eye this morning.


  1. what a beautiful new space, love the lightness combined with the old timber, that hare is a treasure in the first photo & am very curious about the round clock(?) piece in the sixth pic, thank you for the sharing!

  2. Hi Mo

    I like the hare, but we do actually have some that are even nicer [different poses].
    I do intend to start putting more pictures of individual pieces
    on show tomorrow [including that unusual clock].

  3. Congratulations on what sounds like a marvelous opening...maybe it's a bit like a wedding, you put so much effort into 'before', and then it all passes in a daze! But as long as it's a happy daze, then that's ok. Looks like some marvelous pieces there, one day I'll get over there and be able to wander and marvel for myself! And, sigh, what can you do about people? Surely they must have realised it wasn't going to sit there and wait for them?! But good for the artist to know that you could have sold it twice over....chuckle, and good for the other artist to know that you did, he he!