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Imagine is set in the Suffolk village of Long Melford.
This is an attempt to record the daily trials, tribulation and pleasure of running an art gallery.

Friday, 13 January 2012

This year I am behind with events that we should have planned for the future and at the moment I am playing "catch up".
I usually try to be at least one year ahead with exhibitions, firstly because it gives the artist time to plan their own year or even to try out new idea's out without added pressure, and secondly it allows me to work out how the gallery will look as the year progresses and to plan the promotion, advertising, invitations etc,etc.
But, it doesn't take a lot to throw things out, plus I find that I tend to get over excited about one
idea or another, or a particular artist whose existence I have only just discovered and start wishing I could fit another event in the calendar.
I like to leave a gap here and there in the years events just in case something like this happens
plus sometimes it is just enjoyable to have the space as it normally is without all the work and disruption that an exhibition can sometimes bring, plus I like the gallery as it is everyday.
But this year started and I was definitely behind.
I have been awaiting a couple of confirmations before I could definitely know that the year
was sorted.
Having said that, I have left the very end of the year open until I have really thought through a
particular idea that I have in mind.
Anyway, more about planned events in the next post.

Apart from thinking about who and what we shall show at exhibitions there are the constant
thoughts of who I should talk to or go to see so that we can fill the place everyday with the
unusual mixture of art we have.
Sometimes this is made easier, yet a lot harder by one particular artist,
Michael Parkes.
I almost liken him to the slogan for the film Jaws,
"just when you thought it was safe............"
or in his case
"just when you thought you had it all planned............."
The man is just so talented and prolific, he seems to work non stop, which makes it really hard
when I am trying to work out what different art I want to show.
I think I have it worked out and then the bugger creates something else, and everything seems to say "John must show this".
Trouble is, "John really wants to", as a result I become very indecisive and tend to think to myself "I will make a decision tomorrow, or next week".

Time passes, and Michael creates more, and I find it harder to make a decision.
Sometimes, just occasionally, I start to think that maybe I don't feature on his list of major priorities, or perhaps it's just a case of him trying to work out what I "really" like.

So after not having talked about much at all I will show a few of his pieces that I have been presented with recently, then maybe you will see why I get distracted and behind on events.
Although really this post is just an excuse to show some things that I have wanted to show for
few weeks.
I didn't get around to it before because I was distracted
......................by more Michael Parkes.


  1. Michael Parkes continues to amaze & astound me with his refined sense of strange beauty, have fallen in love with his print of Moonstruck.

  2. Hi Mo
    Unfortunately that picture can't be purchased.
    It is a VERY limited edition and is supplied as a bonus with the first few
    sales of the sculpture.
    He does this every now and then, of course the pictures are like
    "Gold Dust" and become real collectors items.