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Imagine is set in the Suffolk village of Long Melford.
This is an attempt to record the daily trials, tribulation and pleasure of running an art gallery.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

What I really dislike about 'blogger' is that it seems so "thick".
Most likely it is me that is thick, but after having spent a hour writing a post and then realising that I had left a picture out I tried to correct it and typically lost everything.
It is a bit of a bugger as I was in one of those moods where I was enjoying telling and writing about things.
Now of course the "moment" [or hour] has passed and I don't intend to re-visit what in my mind is now history, so instead I will just show the pictures that related to what I had written about my recent adventures and the artists connected with them.
I will re-visit at least one as it relates to lots of things in the future but until then.

Here is a painting by Rosalind Lyons Hudson.
She spends a lot of time at the 'Shakespeare Globe Theatre', re-creating costumes, scenes and events. This painting is from 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' and features the fairies.
'Peablossom, Cobweb, Moth & Mustardseed'.
Suffice to say I love it.

The next picture is one of the new creations by Michael Parkes.
Of this I will say no more [I had written a load] as I will come back to his new work soon.

The ceramic clocks are by Ross Emerson, and I really can't write again about him as I have spent 40 minutes telling about my recent [nightmare] trips to visit him.
But here anyway are the remaining unsold pieces from those trips.

Lastly is a painting that I have "lusted" after and wanted to exhibit for so long, it is titled.
"Polly Vaughan's Swan Song", by Kate Leiper.
I think that it is so beautiful, innocent and fitting to the season, it featured on our
Christmas invitation.
If you know of the story of 'Swan Lake' then you can probably work out what it tells of,
she has been shot by her lover, a Prince.
Sad, beautiful, innocent and childish.
Whatever, I will take pleasure everyday looking at it while it is here,
and I will be so very sorry to see it go.

Sometimes I really would like something to keep for myself.
But, go it must for that is the nature of what we do, I do miss some things more than I should and I certainly know that this will be one of them,
but after all we are a just shop and selling our goods is what we must do.
Still at least for a little while this is mine.


  1. oh but you must keep at least one special piece for yourself especially at this time of year, enjoy the Silly Season and Best Wishes for the New Year!

  2. Love your blog :) Bummer about bloody Blogger :)

    And oh, those ceramic clocks ... oh! :)

  3. Love the swan; the color is so luminous and shimmery like looking into someone else's dream.

    I switched over to google chrome and I manually save everything after each upload, still learning my way around it though but it does seem better than the old blogger platform.

  4. Hello Mo.
    Unfortunately I can never justify keeping anything for myself, even the pieces that I have been offered as gifts, as it would defeat the whole purpose of what I am trying to achieve.
    But, maybe one day.
    By the way I see that we both lost out on that beautiful print [Magic 4 Terri].

    Sue, thank you for bothering to read my limited offerings, I never think that it is worthwhile until I get a comment like yours.
    It seems so strange to find that someone I didn't even know existed bothers to read my stuff.
    It is appreciated and will make me be determined to be less lazy.

    I'm glad that you commented on the swan, if you could only see it in reality.
    I have found that I have stopped looking at it, the theory is that I will miss it less when it goes.

    What is google chrome?
    I feel such an idiot with all of this, I had better ask my Son about it, as it seems that the younger generation are born with an inbuilt understanding of what is best to do in "ComputerWorld".

    In case I don't get around to another post I hope you all have a really good Christmas, and I wish you lots of happiness.

  5. Hi....i've found you via Dan Finnegan. I am very new to my blog but one thing I discovered, after having a post wiped by one of my Helper Cats is that there is an automatic save every few minutes. As I remember you can access saves by hitting edit at the top of the posting page. The only way I can work with photos is to download them before I start writing. At least I have figured out how to write around them. Thick is an excellent description for Blogspot. What it does it does very well....but when it is bad..........

    I remember an old song called Polly Vonn...

    For she'd her apron wrapped around her
    And he took her for a swan.
    And it's oh and alas
    He has killed Polly Vaughn.

    Love the stuff you show. You must be strong willed indeed to sell it...but then...

    I would visit were I not over the sea and far away.