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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Should I do a short post, or none at all?
When I am in the mood and have the time I enjoy clearing my cluttered mind and writing about things, but there are times [most times] when I haven't the time as there always seems to be "just one" more important thing to get done before giving myself the luxury of writing.
Little things, like answering a telephone every five minutes.

Hey! I spoke with an artist [Jackie Morris] yesterday and she has told me that she is getting the patent on a "bouncy phone", one you can throw at the wall went it rings constantly.
She has one definite sale here.
I love the thought of throwing it out of the door and shouting after it "and don't come back".
It's nice to dream.
So I am going for the short post.

At the moment we are holding an exhibition featuring the work of four different artists.
I have already shown some of the ceramics we are showing by John Bedding
and without a doubt I will show others in another post.
They really are some of the best pots that I have seen for a very long time, pictures just don't do justice to their beauty, plus the scale that he works at is unbelievable.
From very small through to gigantic pieces and what is unusual is that he can enlarge the scale of a pot yet still keep its form and beauty, something that not too many potters are able to do nowadays, sometimes it seems to be a case of "it's big so it must be good" but for me that doesn't work, big isn't always better but in John's case it is.
They look dynamic, and I don't say that lightly, it just looks as if I am going to have to purchase one for myself.
Decisions, decisions, what a lovely dilemma to have with his work.

John's ceramics are not the only beautiful things that we are showing, there are many different
pieces of art on show.
Some by a man I have been wanting to show for a long, long time and now at last his work is here and I can really appreciate the beauty of it.
Jan Morgan is the artist, a sculptor.
What I so love about his work, apart from the skill involved is the narrative in each piece.
I love story telling, in fact I think we all do, and when I look at Jan's sculptures my mind races
off on different journeys making up different tales that end frozen at a point in time which is
what Jan has captured.
His idea of presentation is second to none and I just know that we are going to see and hear a lot more about his art in years to come.
For now they are mine to enjoy.

Apart from the exhibition which I shall return to, I have a lot on at the moment.
It is coming to that time of year when almost every artist in every genre's is showing at some
large event somewhere in the country, and of course they are usually far apart.
So I have the calendar on the desk covered in dates and locations.
Some I will make others I will regret missing so I just have to hope that I make the right choice of locations and artists to visit.
At least it will give me a legitimate excuse for a mini holiday, with time to think and plan.
Driving for hours isn't fun but at least it enables me to think over future plans and ideas.
Of future plans?
We have a massive one taking shape at the moment.
Now, that really will be a long post [or many] for the near future.

What a tease I am.


  1. Hi Valerianna.

    I can't wait to tell what is going to happen but I am worried that if I talk about it then it won't happen.
    It is scary but very exciting [for us] and will change the gallery forever.
    The chances are that I won't keep my mouth shut and I will tell all in the next post.

    I won't, I mustn't. It will tempt fate.