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Imagine is set in the Suffolk village of Long Melford.
This is an attempt to record the daily trials, tribulation and pleasure of running an art gallery.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Things seem to be pretty hectic at the moment, it seems to me that this years exhibitions are almost going 'back to back'.
Which they are not, but that is how it feels.
Normally each years exhibitions are scheduled way ahead and are given plenty of space in between.
But this year isn't normal, or maybe I am the only person who has recognised that there is a recession going on [or at least has the nerve to mention the subject].
It has been a strange year for art, it would seem that people are now purchasing with serious intent, or at least being very selective with their purchases.
It seems to be a good time for good artists, the public now more than ever are after quality.
After all, if they haven't as much to spend, then they want to know what they are buying is the very best.
So as a result we have had some of our most exiting artist's selling really well.
Which has been such a confidence boost for myself as time and time again I have told people
"I don't care how well it sells elsewhere, if I don't love it then I don't want to show it here".

This is something that sounds pretty bad, mad and very "snotty" especially when at the end of the day I am supposed to be running a business.
But, like any business running a gallery is not all pleasure, in fact only a little of it is, for me that pleasure comes from looking at the work we show and as I have said many times
"I have to pinch myself for being this lucky", and I remind myself of that fact each day when I look at the many things that I cherish and would love to own and take home, so those are the works I choose to sell.

In conversation with artist's all of the time I am asked,
"what is selling at the moment"?
Or even as I was asked today by a very talented sculptor "am I good enough at the moment".
To anyone who could ask that question the only answer is "yes", any artist who is questioning there work can only be a good artist.
So what is selling ?
I couldn't tell you what will sell next, the only thing that I am sure of is that it will be something of the best quality in its chosen genre.
So with all of this in mind I decided that I wanted to keep this year "very open" when it came to exhibitions and look for the very best people. So many times in the past I have missed unknown and emerging artist's because of previous commitments, so this year I decided to gamble and to ask the artist's I would like to exhibit as the year unfolded, but all the time with the focus on what I thought was the very best work to be shown.
As by now I'm sure everyone [who reads this blog] knows that my taste's are "all over the place", or so it seems to some people.
I feel that all of us have so many facets to our personalities so why shouldn't we all like many various kinds of art?
Anyway, that's my excuse to indulge myself wherever my heart and desires take me.
And sure this has all added to a lot of timetable problems
as my desires don't always fit with others schedules.

In contrast to everything I have just said [yes, I am a mixed up person]
our next exhibition has been planned for a year, though it seems so much longer as there isn't a day pass when it's not on my mind. The people involved have been added as that year progressed, and I am so pleased that I decided to keep it open to constant additions.

'The Rime of the Ancient Mariner".

I have mentioned it before many times, and will do again each day for a couple of weeks.
At the moment it has a "cast" of 24 different Worldwide artist/sculptors/potters involved.
Even with just a couple of weeks to go until the opening I wouldn't be surprised if more weren't added as we have never had such a great response to any exhibition, and I had never understood just how many different [various mediums] artists were fans of the story.

So leading up to the opening I intend to show different work as it arrives, some of that I know is going to be "very close to the wire" as a couple of American sculptors are still working on things, but this just makes it that little more exciting [nerve wracking].

Exactly what we are going to have on show I still only have a vague idea about.
As an example one potter [Doug Fitch] has told me he is "leaving it as a surprise".
Like any child I love surprises but "hey! Doug I'm getting too old for this much excitement".

But seriously, the anticipation is all of the fun.
"When" it arrives "I" then have to start work so that everything looks at its best.

But like I said "sometimes I have to pinch myself"

The first offerings that I am showing is a series from an incredible lady named
Eleanor Bartleman, made from ceramic but resembling old stained glass windows.
What is interesting is the way she has depicted the Albatross as a person, maybe a lover.
Like the original tale, there are so many interpretations to be made from her art.
She tells me that there are more to be seen, which at the moment are still being fired in the kiln.
I cant wait.


  1. That sounds wonderful, I look forward to them being unveiled.

    Your gallery came up in conversation recently. I bought something from Jill Perry: a lovely Nottingham artist, who has a shop in Nottingham city centre. On the desk is the most lovely ceramic hare, reclining back in repose.
    I asked Jill if it was one of her own works, she said that she had bought it (some years ago) in a lovely gallery in Long Melford. Sadly she could not remember the artists name. However he lies in the shop, lazily watching the passing trade.

  2. I can't remember Jill but I do remember that Hare.
    I felt it had almost a regal air about it. It was only last Sunday I was thinking about that, and I was wishing that we could get another.

    So, if you live near Nottingham then you can get to the opening on the
    the 22nd May. It will only take you a mere two - three hours.
    Come on have a day out in Suffolk.

  3. Your blog posts are a pleasure to read. I love the ceramic friezes you posted up there <3

  4. Thank you Liza

    I must admit by posts always seem odd to me the next day, and I think
    "now why did I write that load of rubbish" and wish I could erase them.
    But that aside I was determined to put some new pictures on today, but as the day has progressed more have arrived and I can't make up my mind what to show next.
    So maybe I will leave it for the morning.