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Imagine is set in the Suffolk village of Long Melford.
This is an attempt to record the daily trials, tribulation and pleasure of running an art gallery.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

This morning I decided that I was allocating too much time concentrating on future events and not spending enough time thinking about the daily needs of the gallery, so I came in with a determination that today "I'm going to sort that out".
That lasted for about ten minutes before I found myself pursuing the 'ALICE' exhibition again.
This was instigated by a call from a prop maker who has been involved with the 'Dr Who' television series.
He intends to make a life size 'Mad Hatter'.
That was it, I was off again searching for different artists and getting confirmations from people
who had expressed an interest in being involved.
It was late afternoon and about 15 conversations later before I managed to start thinking about "normal " things again.
The one thing that I decided that I must do was to get some prints done of my photographs to 
go in the gallery browser. 
We founded the gallery with the intent of selling my photography, or to be precise Irene decided that we should do it because she was intent that I should pursue a dream rather than spend my life working for others.
She has helped me fulfill that dream but at great expense to our personal fortunes and life.
However, here we are and although my own personal ego has now been "quenched" in respect that people like my photographs and are willing to pay for them, I now find so much more contentment in selling the art of others and can get very excited about it as I can find no fault with it, whereas my own pictures  embarrass me, but people buy them and for this I feel moved.
At the time of taking them I was totally concentrated and very involved and it is only with time I have been able to "let go" and forget about them.
It is because of this that I have only this week noticed I have forgotten too much and that we have very few in the browser so I determined that I wouldn't leave today until I had done a few new prints.

Here are a few of what I have produced this evening, I would have done more but there are three beautiful dogs waiting to be walked by torchlight.



  1. Oh my, you really should get these out and about. Simply gorgeous - each and every one.

  2. Thank you for your nice comment.
    I don't often look at my pictures but last night while doing the post I looked at them afresh, I decided that I still like the picture of the
    'Mother & Daughter' [at the top of the page] and for different reasons I will always like the 'Old Schoolhouse' [4th down] as it is the school from the film 'Ryan's Daughter' and is the only remaining building from the village that was built for the making of the film.
    It is a remarkable place and I am moved every time I visit it, although it was only a film set it is easy to imagine the laughter and shouts of children as they play, and I can hear in my head the voice of Robert Mitchum [the teacher], while in the background is the constant sound of waves as they crash against rocks far below and the haunting calls from gulls.
    I can't wait to visit again.

  3. I have come across this blog thanks to the wonderful Jackie Morris, & I am so glad! These photographs capture a real magic within them...just beautiful! :)

  4. Thank you; this is the right stuff, at the right time.